Contiki Friends and Acquaintances

In the past year I have met so many acquaintances and others that have become close friends.

Picture left: Alex, Corey (California), Brooke (Australia/Los Angeles), Myself, Robb (Boston) and Cameron.
We were the Pre-Departure group. Because since our tour manager did not arrive at the Pre-Departure meeting, the six of us went on a hunt to find a bar/pub in San Francisco and only had one drink at “Smugglers Cove” the rest of the time we just spent the time chatting.

Picture above:  Myself and Brooke. We on the other hand have become close friends. Had a “Contiki reunion” this past summer in July when i went to Los Angeles on my second Contiki Holiday.

Now let’s see who else i have met through my travel years…

Picture Right: Oh Monte… What can i say about him. Our Tour Manager for New Years in San Francisco.

How do i explain Contiki New Year Tours… One word…. EPIC!!!!

Did not know partying with people that you’ve only met two days before New years could be SO MUCH FUN!!!

Picture Above: Myself and Trina. I was wearing that new years “hat” pretty much the whole night. I did not realize i was for most of the evening but the pictures showed me that i was.

Picture left: Alex (Canada), Cameron (Australia), Trina (Canada) and Narlla (Brazil).
It was one big party, but again it was New Years.
Photo Above: Onwards to my second Contiki Tour in Los Angeles (LA Explorer) Lauren (Australia) and Myself on Angels Flight during our walking tour of Downtown LA.

Picture Right: Tanya (Australia), Richo (Australia) and Myself (Canada).
The Second Contiki in LA was pretty much 98% full of Australians. But remember that time of year is Australia’s winter so everyone was escaping winter. Where I was escaping to find summer from summer.
We’ve had a pretty lousy summer at the beginning of the season, with more rain that what we can handle. So escaping to Los Angeles gave me the chance to have a full summer.
Let’s see who else have i met this year, that can’t be all of them. There has to be more.

Here we go, found some more fabulous people that i have met this year.
Picture Left: Jenni (Toronto), Josie(Toronto) and myself.
Onwards to the VIP Euro Bash Contiki in Calgary. #Haveyoudoneit Campaign, Just after one month after my first Contiki Tour.
Love you guys. Can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Picture above: Brad (Toronto), Myself and Emily (Calgary).

Picture left: Myself and Monica (Toronto).

And Sheena (Calgary)

Met all these fabulous people in a year… whoa really! I was busy. Time flies when having fun. Wonder who else i will meet in the remaining year, the next and so forth.

Can’t wait to meet you…

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