One Day in Newport Beach

You know the reason why I wanted to go visit Newport Beach was because I was and am still such a fan of the TV series, The OC. It is such a great well done TV series – great for being able to get your drama fixes when you do not have drama in your life because you avoid such. And then I ended up loving Newport Beach, even though driving through Newport during the summer was a little tough because it was quite hard to find a parking stall. It is a very happening part of Orange County and yet expensive as Brooke and I wandering around browsing the housing market. Trying to find her and her new husband of, just little over a year now a house, Ha! Just kidding – just because it is something to do and the houses there are fabulous I would not mind owning a house if I had a couple million dollars

It is defiantly a happening part of the county for sailing there were a ton of sailboats there – and to be honest felt a little jealous I did not book my time on one so i could say i sailed on the Gold Coast of California. Now that would have been fabulous sweet. Next time!

We would have been in Newport Beach earlier on in the morning but I had to make a stop in Anaheim at a very special place that they all know me – Now some of you probably could guess already where I stopped and it would not be a surprise at all knowing me. So should I wait and let you all guess and make it a fun little game or should I just tell you? oh what the heck I will tell you – I can’t do that, it is like word vomit and it will come out later on anyways. I stopped by the Offices of Contiki Holidays USA. Oh my, you would surprised and did not expect that i Bet haha!

Okay now that the word vomit came out lets back to the most fabulous Orange County in California, my day in Newport.

Visiting Balboa Pier – Yes i had to take a picture of the name plate because to be honest I would not have remembered it else wise and that is just what we Travel bloggers do, take pictures of everything so we can share and give you the ideas on where to go on your next getaway.

At lunch I probably ate like the “Hollywood” actors, not much. But again they in Newport Beach fill your plate unlike some other places I went to downtown Los Angeles at LA Live by the Staples Center.

I do not even know where to begin about Newport because I love it – I could move there tomorrow or in that case drive down tomorrow and revisit the fabulous Orange County. Actually to be honest why all of a sudden I am thinking about Newport because I am watching The OC season two again, on a wednesday night when I should be out with friends or spreading the Contiki word to new adventure seekers. I am here in my room in Leduc listening to the Planes fly in and out of the International Airport watching The OC and blogging to you all – so you all have something to read. So your welcome, and I am getting off topic once again.

How long do you have? 1 hour or 72 hours?

Never actually seen docks painted on them with time limits on how long you can park your boat for. But clever idea, especially in a County of California where Sailing is very common and everyone owns a boat. Maybe I should implement it here in Canada at our Lake – do you think they would go for that! Nah! We Canadians do not park in unnecessary spots for that long anyways and if we do, then the peace officer is on our butts to make us move.

So lastly, Visit Newport Beach.. Rent that car in California that you wanted to rent and drive to Newport – it will be well worth the gas. And do not worry about the gas because renting a car in California is cheap, I would do it again! xo

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