The time I returned home from NYC

You hear people returning home from Disneyland/Disneyland with Mickey and Minny hats and disney bags full of souvenirs but you never hear or see what New York travelers come back with besides fabulous memories. I remember as it was yesterday, well almost. New York City – it was the best ever and where my love for travel really began.

From the airport to downtown Manhattan we took the Subway and the Bus, why take a taxi when there is public transportation. Public Transportation allows you to experience life the local way. Which took us right through Harlem. Yes, the neighbourhood everyone warns you not to go or becareful in. But truly everyone was friendly and was willing to help us. So what i am saying, do not let others scare you from visiting Harlem.

It was busy times touring the city that never sleeps – our days would start at 9am and end at 2am. There is always something to do and see. Time Square, Central Park, Trump Tower, Fashion District, Financial District, 9/11 memorial site, Empire State Building.

I am even proud to say I got to visit the old Yankee stadium before they tore it down to build the new stadium – I got to see and walk through history of the Yankees. Saw Derek Jeter’s locker, sat where the team sat during their games, and walked the field. It was a marvelous day and one that i will never forget.

Returning home in the airport I must have gotten many looks, believe it or not i was all decked out in my Yankee attire – Yankee Jersey, Yankee Visor, Yankee Flag. So you can imagine what i looked like – but I did not care! I was a Yankee fan. I loved NYC.

I arrived a tourist, and left a traveler. Oh and a Yankee Fan!

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