Warnemunde, Germany

Next Stop after being seabound for a day…
Warnemunde founded aproximately in the 1200, was for centuries a mere fishing village with minor importance for the economic and cultural development of the region.
Once the village was dependent on the fishing industry, Warnemunde’s economic alignment had shifted inevitably from the primary to the secondary and tertiary sector. Besides the Aker Warnow Werfy ship yard, the economy largely depended on tourism.
As it was the centre of maritime traffic, the district of Warnemunde comprised numerous navigational aids such as, the oldest lighthouse which is currently still in use today from being built in 1897. In the summer, the about 37 metres high tower allowed visitors to enjoy the impressive view over the Baltic Sea and The Northern districts of Rostock.
As for the low current and good sailing conditions, Warnemunde is one of the best sailing grounds in Germany. The beach is especially good for kitesurfing, windsurfing, underwater diving, swimming and nordic walking. In the summertime there are alot of international competitions. Many people flock to witness these competitions.

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