Although when you travel your suitcase is on a strict weight limit – but there is the best shopping while you are traveling Europe. Like me, I own about 4 pairs of jeans and not one of them are bought in Canada. I have either bought them in the United States or Europe. I just find, especially for pants I can never find the right fit when I shop in Canada, I can try on 10 different styles and not one fits just right. Not sure what it is but something about the clothes in Europe or even the United States for that matter, their some how made differently which makes the sizes different. Do not ask me how but the sizes are. Take a size 10 in Canada I can not find the right fit but a size 10 in Europe fits me perfect. Weird eh!
And it just makes your closet look even more fabulous when you have clothes from all over the world. Although last time I was in the United States I tried finding clothes that were only made in America and shockingly enough I could not find one piece. Just found clothes from either Taiwan, China, to name a couple. So you see I tried to do my part in ‘Made in America’ in order to help the economy but I just couldn’t find any clothes that were.
When you do find those perfect fit clothes – you can’t just let them sit in the store, you have to grab them as fast as you can.
Best way to shop with European currency is to think of it as dollars. So when you spend 40 euros – just think of it as 40 dollars. Do not do the currency exchange you will not have ended up buying as much as you would like. Do not think about it – just do. You should have no regrets when you return home from vacation.
50€ = $64 Canadian / $61 Australian
50£ = $78 Canadian / $74 Australian
Best place to shop in London, England:
Oxford Street
Best place to shop in Paris, France:
Champs De Elysees
Best place to Shop in Edmonton, Alberta Canada:
West Edmonton Mall (Biggest shopping mall in North America)
Best place to shop in Santa Monica, California:
3rd  Promenade
Overall, it is just fun shopping in another city or in another country for that matter that is not your home town. You do not have the added stress of money worries when you shop in another country. You are in a different store that you are not familiar, so you are more reluctant to try things on which gives the higher chance of finding the right fit and a new style you wouldn’t normally find.
Tip: do not buy outfits. Example: tops at one store and maybe one sweater. Then at the next store buy some pants and maybe a dress. Mix and Match – your wardrobe will look a lot more fashionable.

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