Experience the French.


Do not turn away until you have tried it. Best part of traveling the world is experiencing the culture and THE FOOD!!

The tricky part is getting the darn buggers out of their shell, it is not as easy as it looks to tell you the truth. It will make you work for you appetite. You have to hold the shell in this clamp while you use a fork to pull the escargot out and then stick it into your mouth and enjoy THE FOOD!!

Food in another culture and city some how just tastes better. So therefore having escargot in Canada is not the same as having escargot in France, especially Paris. Even having McDonald’s in Paris, France is not the same as eating it in North America. For one, you can have a BEER with your big mac. Now how great is that!


Now this is the Paris French style – cobblestone walkways. That night I felt like i was in heaven and defiantly was not in Kansas anymore.

Tip: do not wear high heels when walking on cobblestone.

And that one night topped the bar for twenty-twelve new year. To add, the cruise on the river seine new years day was breathtaking, magnificent way to start the new year and it truly kicked twenty-eleven new years arse.  It was a relaxed morning especially after a hell of new years, clunking beers and sipping champagne.

When in Paris, Must see a Moulin Rouge – Cabaret Show, with endless champagne at your tables. And Ladies watch the gentlemen, they will not take their eyes off the show. Dress style? Fancy.

Tip: If you want to see Paris. Do not go at New Years.

Musee du Parfum

Not just for the ladies, gentlemen can enjoy this too. Learn how to Identify the smells between the different Parfum and How they make Parfum!

You can not go all the way across the Atlantic ocean through London, England across Calasis and Dover to Paris, without seeing the most famous lady in history….

Another highlight…. Such a small lady on a HUGE wall inside the walls of The Lourve. That is just how famous she is. It is best to go see her first as soon as you make way in because there is always a crowd around this lady, then wander off and see the other amazing artists paintings like… Leonard De Vinci, Domenico Mecarino, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and my favorite – Giovanni Paolo. You can easily spend ALL day in this place, and at the same time get lost. Erin and I had lost Doug and Carlos which lead us to leaving them behind. Good thing we had a back up plan, on where to go. Another landmark you can lose one self is inside the Notre Dame; Erin and I thought alike because we both had the idea of going to the exit and wait for the other there. Which is the best plan to have if you ever get lost in a high tourist city/landmark.

Did you know? you can see the Eiffel Tower from every aspect of the City of Paris. You will always know which city you are in when you are in Paris.

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