Speaking the Local Lingo

I have learned through my travels that our English language is not very English, and very unproper. You go to a new culture and city, and listen to how the locals speak – Like take London for a example. They have words for our words that make our English quite unproper and just plain boring.

It’s quite sweet as (cool, great) to learning the local lingo and bringing it back home with you, especially when all your friends will look at you funny when you speak because they have no idea. You will be more world involved and experienced if you take in a new culture and learn how the other half lives.

Best word I have brought home with me: ‘my phone is flat‘ meaning that your cell phone battery is dead.

Be a Box of Birds (feel full of energy) when you explore the world, you then will become more open and willing to experience it and enjoy it because you will be living it.

North America: the waitress will address everyone, even ladies as guys.

France: the waiters will address ma’am to the ladies and sir to the gents.

And the French get a bad rep from us English saying they are so rude but yet they can speak better? But maybe it is just their accent and words of choice that make them sound proper, yet still saying Cheers is so much better than saying thank you. Just have a thought, take it all in and bring it home with you.

Cheers = (English)

Ciao = (Italian)

G’Day Mate = (Australian)

Bonjour = (French)

Ευχαριστώ = (Greek)

Bit of a Dag = (hard case, Joker, Comedian)

Crikey Dick = (wow, amazing)

as-salam alaykum = (Arabic – Hello)

Even if one has to buy a phrase book for that specific country you are planning on visiting because it will be your life saver. Just do not forget it at home. That is what I had done with my french phrasebook and I felt so lost in France. Just good thing I had Doug there with me whom is as almost as fluent in French than I am.

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