Working Holiday Canada – Why choose Canada?

Why does one choose Canada? Canada is a land of exceptional beauty – and opportunity. Our economy is the strongest in the world, with the most multi-cultural and tolerant societies in the world, with virtually every cultural and ethnic community. And a few more reasons why one may choose to come to Canada:

  • the ability to travel and do business all over the world
  • knowing that one can have a ideal life in a peaceful serenity
  • an extensive welfare, health system
  • government subsidized universities

What Canada has to offer are a wide variety of sights. You can go from the Rocky mountains to the flat lands known as the prairies, then escape to the east coast and still be amazed on this country’s beauty.

Finding Work.  Workplaces are constantly hiring as there is a high turnover especially in the hospitality industry. It is just hard to keep staff because of the high paying trade jobs, people are more willing to do a job they do not like just to make the big money. So therefore that leaves the lower end jobs available. Now some of us do not like the trade work and want something that is a little cleaner on our hands. Hospitality is a fun industry even though it can be stressful at times, but you get to meet many people from all walks of the world and that is pretty full filling in it self. It is all about who you know in this world.

As any job hunting one does can be taunting and overwhelming. It helps to have a outstanding resume and the drive and passion to work hard. If you do not care what you do and only want to make a lot of money, head off to Fort McMurrary to work in the Oil industry. Or for all other Trade jobs; take a drive through Nisku. For other other remaining jobs, from hospitality, sales, part time, and retail – best search results to use:

  • local newspaper

Living. Finding a job is the easy part and then the hard part comes, finding a place to rest your head at night without taking your whole take home pay away from you. Alberta is booming because of our Oil, so therefore there are many people migrating to our beautiful province, which in result drives the housing market up.

  • One way to keep the monthly rent low is having 4-5 room mates living with you in a house.
  • Rent is the cheap half of owning a house, and then you have to factor in the utilities.

There are so many rewards in living in Canada besides the high housing market and the low end of the wages, the beautiful scenery. If you work in Banff or Jasper, you will wake up each morning to the sun rising behind the mountains.