Fabulous News.

It is happening folks, I have just been granted a Working Holiday Visa for Australia. And as of July 2013 I will be moving across the Atlantic Ocean to the land of down under. That happened so quick, i just applied via the Australian Website yesterday and this morning at six o’clock in the morning i had received an email saying ….”This is to advise that you have been granted a Working Holiday Visa, Subclass 417, on 26 September 2012.” This is beyond exciting. I would like to gave thanks to my former General Manager and Guest Service Manager for the confidence and collaboration, courage they have provided me during the past nine months. If I hadn’t left to start my new path into a new bigger hotel, I wouldn’t have gone this far into my application and Australia planning. So Thank you.

Why Move. I know everyone from all walks of life comes to Canada because it is the best place to live and work, but I have been calling Canada home all my life and I need a change – I need to get out and experience the life down under where one really has no worries and goes with the flow of life and just has fun. And that place is called, Australia.

Next debate. To receive a return airfare or purchase a one way ticket to Australia, because to be honest I do not think one year is long enough for me. Tough Decision. And purchasing a open end ticket can get expensive just by changing the fly date each and every time, So therefore I am not to sure what to do. Have you purchased an Open ticket?

Where to Begin. I would be beginning my Journey in Australia in Brisbane – the gold coast. I have heard nothing but fabulous things about the Gold Coast. And going with The Global Work & Travel Co. As I am not to sure how easy or hard it will be to find work and they will Help me guarantee job opportunities, before I depart Canada. And I to be honest I would not have been able to go this far in my application, my plan to move to Australia without them – I knew I wanted to move to Australia from the beginning of Last year but never knew how.