The Week Off

As the signs of autumn keep showing, my life seems to get more complicated by the decisions I have to make. Job Changes, to Selling my car So i can grab my assets to move out of this country to a new one. Who ever said life was not easy was correct.

This past week was a reality check, taking a week off before I started my new position at a bigger, better hotel really showed me what I wanted in my life. It also made me do things that I had always planned on doing, to actually putting them into action. Like being granted for my Working Holiday Visa for Australia and paying my deposit to The Global Work & Travel Co. Where they help you guarantee job opportunities.

Started my hook for Gossip Girl Season Five, I forgot how much I had missed that show. The drama and scandals to escape me from reality. It is a great therapy tool.

Went to Cavalia – and for those who do not know what that is, think Cirque Du La but with Horses. Makes me feel like I have a life when I attend events. Even though my life is Traveling the world. But anyways lets get back to the show, It was fabulous, amazing just how they train the horses to do some of the things. Although the tickets can be quite expensive you can still find tickets for $50.00 and those are the cheapest you will find, But so worth seeing. Enjoy It. Live it. Experience It.

Escaping the city life for the country is a great therapy tool. And when i first moved to the country i did not like it very much but I find myself escaping to the country to get away. And to be honest it feel makes you escape, clears one mind from everything. Even if one gets her laundry and free home cooked meals out of it ;). No more hiding on who i want to be.

I almost went to go helped my aunt with her business, cleaning houses today but then I had a wake up call and thought it was not a good idea to mix family and business. Only thing best to do, to try and mend this family shit is to start with coffee and talk to get to know oneself. One does not need another family mess, need to keep the western family civilized as there is still hope for the west. As we all know anyone family can be difficult and a mess, no one’s perfect. If you have a messed up family as well, do them a favor and do not judge them for being different.