Trying new things.

One thinks they have to be in another country/city to have the will on trying new foods. But to be honest you do not have to be, You can try Indian, greek and many more food nationality in your “home” city. Do not feel that you are limited to what you can eat in your “home” city.

Coconut Korma

Before Cavalia I had set up that we all meet at Kingsway Garden mall for dinner before the show. And I noticed that everyone else got american food and I was the only one who stepped out and got another nationality of food. Which is fine everyone has different tastes and cravings. But for me i think for myself that is just keeping life ordinary and on the same path, and if we mix things up a little once in a while you will not feel so stuck in a rut and will feel good about life. I like to keep my feet moving, and if i stand in one place too long I get itchy feet.

What if I am Vegetarian. Well if you are a Vegetarian you still do not have to limit yourself to being stuck in a rut with what foods what to eat with different food nationailitys. Thai food I find is a good choice to explore if you a vegetarian and want to get out of your food nationaility comfort zone.

There is a whole worldwide out there and not just exploring with our feet but with our mouth as well, and you will gain the full experience.

Keep life interesting and step out of that comfort zone and try something new, you will never know until you try…

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Survivor Philippines Recap

Just two weeks ago Survivor aired again with their twenty-fifth season. Although it is the same game over and over again, Jeff and the crew always bring a new fabulous twist to it.

And this season the new twists are: There are three tribes with six and three of the members were brought back onto survivor for another chance at winning the million dollars, since they were medical evacutees from previous Survivors.

It was nice to see that they brought back Michael from season two: Australia but man Michael is accident phrone or what, he likes to injury himself, not even a day on being on the island at camp he had several cuts. Becareful Michael. Other two returning castaways are Russell (one of the good russells’) and Jonathan which he has been entertaining at camp and only one who has found the hidden immunity idol so far. Under your nose – so simple yet its not. Who knew that is the idol, props to Jonathan. I thought Russell said to himself he was not going to become the leader? but yet he dove right into that roll the second they arrived at camp, giving him yet another target on his back.

Challenges. Great job at designing the challenges for the different episodes, It is the best when the tribes are evenly matched and it is a neck to neck race to see who will finish first. Always find myself rooting for one specific tribe even though there are many individuals from all three tribes that I like seperately. What was with Russell taking control and shhing his tribe mates during the strategy meeting before hand? That was a bad move on his part and especially when the two girls said they were no good at puzzles – listen to your tribe dude and work together!

Second reward/immunity challenge went a little better, all three tribes were neck to neck making it a nail biting performance. But, I think we will be seeing two tribes form very soon if Matsing keeps losing challenges.

Tribal Council. Always interesting in what is always said at Tribal, especially when two members on the tribe argue with one another (Angie and Roxanne) and then you get some tribe mates that just throw in the towel on day three (Zane) but he clearly was the weakest leak because Russell had to carry him back to the finish line. That is what you get for quitting smoking few days prior to Survivor.

(Angie and Malcolm) was put under the radar even all because they have started to cuddle at night and we all know what happens what a Survivor couple can do when they gain control in this game. Just look what happened with (Rob and Amber). Did one see Jeff’s look when Roxanne mentioned Malcolm and Angie being a couple – Jeff was like “Really!” well he did not say the word but you can tell what he was thinking. I thought Russell wanted to keep Roxanne around because she had all the news and kept him updated on what was going on in camp!

Camp life. Six days in and wow they have had it brutal with all that rain, but i guess that is the Philippines for ya! Does the red tribe only have the cave near by, that must have been beneficial when they saw that, have some strong shelter to escape to when the weather gets bad even though now they have a tarp.

Looking forward to seeing what will happen next….