Italy’s hidden secret.

An Island off of Italy called Ischia is known as Italy’s hidden secret. A half hour ferry ride from Naples and the only way to get to it.

Ischia. Small town on an island, being half hour out by ferry away from Naples (mainland).

Italy’s hidden gem, where not only did my mother grow up and got to see the villa where they used to spend their summers at and the church where they used to attend and the roof of the church they used to play on. Went for lunch at this restaurant which was darling, and where my mother’s friend owned because she seemed to know her – but I am not to sure what they were talking about because I do not speak Italian.

You all know how much a Johnny Depp fan I can be and during this time is when the third, Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out and since i left North America before it came out – it was only natural to squeak when i saw Johnny Depp movie poster in Ischia while we were walking the streets. I had convinced everyone to go to the movies with us. A real Italian experience if i must add. No subtitles, voice over in Italian, two intermissions (yes they actually stopped the movie for the Italians to go out for a smoke break) 10pm the movie started and finished around 1am. Even though I did not understand what they were saying, I knew the plot of the movies and that helped a little to understand what was going on. I had to elbow my mother a couple times to wake her up, and my bother, aunt left after the first intermission as they too were falling asleep.

Getting a group of Italians together in a room is like getting a group of English speaking individuals together with one foreigner in the mix who does not understand the language. They speak so fast, i had to keep poking my mother on knowing what they were saying. What is worst not being apart of the conversation is not understanding.

I hadn’t eaten pasta so much in my life than when I was in Italy, and not just restaurant style Pasta but also special Homemade Pasta in a family’s home. Which I believe that had made me sick, something that is a little different – home made pasta and restaurant pasta. Because on my last day in Roma I was sick. Which in my opinion was a horrible way to leave Italy.

Eating/Visiting Local in Italy.

Italy is such a amazing country, full of culture and beauty. And the best food there is in the entire world, they know how to cook and cook it right so you do not have to feel guilty on eating so much. Italians cook the healthy way.

Patricia and Ghetto Kitchen in Naples.

What can be more local than eating with family in Naples, Italy in their home and Pizza. With which i may add had literally everything on it, to french fries and hotdogs.

Nothing says traveling another country without family. One you get a private inside tour of their city. We had to separate my aunt and my mom up, due to the fact they are the only two that know how to speak their language. So therefore, My brother, aunt and myself went with Ghetto in their car and toured the City of Naples while my father, mother and Patricia took a cab back to their house of residence. We had to burrow a local’s cell phone to call Patricia and Ghetto to tell them we have arrived and they came down and met us at the ship.

During that year, 2007 while my visit – Naples city streets weren’t that magnificent to look at due to the fact they were having a garbage strike. And when we were walking down the streets on a windy day we had to maneuver trash that was tumbling down the street and we had to dodge so we wouldn’t get hit by it. Not something you’d think you would have to dodge while on vacation eh!

Greek Beauty.

Sometimes one destination looks better in pictures and when one arrives there,it does not have the same look. That is defiantly not Santorini, Greece. Santorini is exactly like the movies and pictures one sees, magnificent beauty. Walking around the island on the walking paths, breathtaking beautiful.

There are two ways up and if you have the time, I would recommend taking the tourist way up. The Donkey way. But due to the lack of time we had, we had to ride the lift up.

We then rented a car, quad and a moped – due to the fact not everyone in our group could fit into the car. 50cc quad is not fast enough to keep up to the car and moped especially with the hills. We had to stop and wait for richard to catch up. poor uncle richard.

Finding ones way around Santorini is not as easy as one would think due to the fact it does not have any road signs. So therefore it was a little difficult to find such place, especially a underground winery my father wanted to visit. We had to default to landmarks within the city to navigate to where we were suppose to end up.


Rented another Moped when in Mykonos. Perfect way to get around on the Greek Islands. Brother and I went to a near by beach for a couple minutes, to soak in some more Greek Beauty.