Greek Beauty.

Sometimes one destination looks better in pictures and when one arrives there,it does not have the same look. That is defiantly not Santorini, Greece. Santorini is exactly like the movies and pictures one sees, magnificent beauty. Walking around the island on the walking paths, breathtaking beautiful.

There are two ways up and if you have the time, I would recommend taking the tourist way up. The Donkey way. But due to the lack of time we had, we had to ride the lift up.

We then rented a car, quad and a moped – due to the fact not everyone in our group could fit into the car. 50cc quad is not fast enough to keep up to the car and moped especially with the hills. We had to stop and wait for richard to catch up. poor uncle richard.

Finding ones way around Santorini is not as easy as one would think due to the fact it does not have any road signs. So therefore it was a little difficult to find such place, especially a underground winery my father wanted to visit. We had to default to landmarks within the city to navigate to where we were suppose to end up.


Rented another Moped when in Mykonos. Perfect way to get around on the Greek Islands. Brother and I went to a near by beach for a couple minutes, to soak in some more Greek Beauty.

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