57 days

57 days is the same as 1.872 months. And that is exactly how much time I have until my next BIG adventure. Another city, another New Year. Lets’ recap shall we.

2010/11 New Year I spent it in San Francisco, United States of America.

2011/12 I spent the New Years in Paris, France.

So where am I going this year, you ask….

*drumroll please*

You ready for it?


That’s right I am going to the Middle East. I fly from @FlyEIA on December 26, 2012 and arrive into Cairo December 27, 2012. Where I will meet up with the group December 29th.

Sail on the Nile cruise for New Years, now how fabulous does that sound. pretty fantastic if you ask me. I wonder if Egypt will have Fireworks for new years? After All i did not get any last new years but that was alright because i was in Paris last year.

In Fifty-Seven days I leave my winter jacket and boots behind and pack my thongs (flip flops or jandals) I am not allowed to call them flip flops, because I am moving to Australia next year, i was told I have to get used to calling them thongs.

But wait… that is not my only stop! Where else am I going??

*another drumroll please*


I fly straight to Spain right after my Contiki Tour in Egypt for another 15 days before flying home. What a world wind of an adventure it will be. Not only am i going to spend New Years in the middle East but i will be spending the new Year traveling around Spain.

I am not sure about you but i am super stoked and it is only 57 days till…. Already got my International Drivers Permit, never know when you will need to drive. Learning some Spanish phrases – helps that i know some Italian phrases already ūüėČ

So Excited…. Takes all my effort on not to scream in excitement or for that matter to squeak. haha! I know I am cute when i get excited over certain things, but that is who I am.




Snow has arrived

October 28,2012 is the first officially day of snow in the Edmonton Area, ladies and gentlemen it is officially winter. Old man winter has arrived. brrrrrrr. Bring out the winter coats and boots.

One does not know yet what this will bring us, will it bring us a mild winter or a harsh winter – all that we know anything can happen here in Alberta. So lets hope for the lesson mild winter.

Cold winter days makes you want to curl up on the couch in front of the stove with a cup of hot cocoa and that is exactly what I did except for the hot cocoa part, but i did turn on the stove.

Another fun thing to do in the snow even though it may be childish but build a snowman or make a snow angel. Fun in the snow can be fun at any age. Snowmobiling is also fun but we got rid of our machines a long time ago so no more snow speed for me.

One thing i want to try this year though is Snowboarding. Hopefully I get to try it this winter before I move to Australia, that would be fun and awesome to cross off my bucket list.



PC Champion

Working with IHG hotels one has to be come very good at selling priority club and enrolling future guests and the easiest way to do such nonsense is by asking if they collect airmiles or aeroplan. As with airmiles they collect $1 for every 5$ they spend at Holiday Inns’ or 500 miles per stay if they choose to collect aeroplan. But if they do not have neither then they can collect 10 points for every qualified $1 they spend at IHG properties.

Tonight I must have gotten well over 10 enrollments tonight, it was crazy busy tonight. Hardly got a break to eat our food but we managed. People kept walking through our doors and the phone would not stop ringing. But I got to remember why I love this Industry and I do. I love meeting people from all sorts of walks of life.

Benefits of becoming a Priority club member, even though it does not give you discounts on room mates, it gives you alot more. Either you collect airmiles or aeroplan you can collect either one and collect more miles to fly to that hot summer destination. Or collect Priority club points for reward night stays at any IHG properties. Lastly you can either buy merchandise at the priority club website. Another benefits besides collecting points, is the fact you can have a later check out as of 2pm without getting charged for it. Does n’t that sound great? It really does doesn’t it!

My last hotel property I worked at i was the PC champion and we always made our quota on enrollments and I am sad to mention this but they will never make their quota now because they only have one person that carrys everyones weight in that hotel and she only works part time. No one else does it. My new place got the best they could ever get in the hospitality industry and that may sound a little cocky from the sounds of it but if I do not brag about myself and my awesome work ethic then who will? No one. Thats right so I got to do it.

Let the 100+ enrollments a month start rolling in. …

Be heard not just seen.

It is a harsh world out there and only way to make a success in any type of career you choose is to be heard and not just seen. Like what I did on the weekend, I applied to my General Manager’s ad for Sales Manager. Because I really want a Job as a Sales Manager. I sleep and breathe marketing and sales, I am not sure who else is better for the job.

It is a know who you know industry, especially in the hospitality because you meet so many people day in, day out. You only make first impressions once so try not to blow it. Know your place but yet step out of the box once in a while so people know what you are capable of especially your boss so when a promotion is up, they know who to go to first.

Use tools like Twitter to help you network, it is a wonderful tool. It is the number one marketing and sales tool out there nowadays, use it and learn to love Twitter.

I know i have yet to work on my confidence but compared to how far and where I have come from, I am making a tremendous step in the right direction. Another thing I am super proud of is the fact that I went from 31 rooms to 120, to 224 room hotel in less than a year. Impressive! I am ecstatic with myself, when i think of that i can not help but smile with how well i have done for myself. And I hope only to keep moving forward and succeeding my expectations and hopefully one day, just one day I can become that Sales Manager for a large hotel and then five years from that to be a Hotel Manager of my own hotel. Hey! one can dream can’t they.

Work hard, with your head held high and who knows where you will go!



Hospitality industry is one interesting world and by that I mean working in the industry. It is not just a place where you stop for the night to rest, but I will be showing you the in depth life working in the hospitality industry ‚Äď so keep your eyes peeled to life as a gypsy! There may be some juicy stuff that will blow your mind that you never thought that the hospitality had that but overall experience it is a great industry to work in and I will explain why further down the road.

I may have to change some names of some people so true identities are not taken advantage of because to be honest I do not overly want to hurt anyone. But just simply tell you the truth and my experience working in this fabulous industry, sharing you some up and downs because we all know every career and industry has some ‚Äď nobody is perfect!

You meet and come across many shades of people, you learn a lot about other people and I do not just mean guests but the people you work with; co workers and management. Some management will say just about anything just to build a cohesive team. And those managers are generally a good talker and at first you are gullible enough to believe them and get suckered in into their bullshit. So a biggest tip out there for you from me, do what makes you happy and do not follow the given path of everyone – you will not get anywhere in your life and career from relying on management to further your career for you. You have to do that yourself – despite what one manager might say.

My Journey:

So lets get back on track and first will share with you how I got into this world of hospitality. I started as low as you could start in this industry working as a Room Attendant at Ramada Hotel & Suites in Lethbridge for about one year while I went to school to receiving my Business Administration Marketing Diploma because I love Marketing – I love thinking outside the box and selling stuff. After I graduated I did not know what i wanted so I went traveling the world and found out that I love the tourism industry and that is how i fell into the Hotel industry, meeting people from all walks of the earth. Then from there I moved into working in a small motel off the beaten path in Wabamun, Alberta which opened their doors August 2010 and i began working as their Marketing & Sales. Helping her market her charming little Inn, spreading the word out through Twitter, and etc. But I knew that a small Motel was not for me because there was no where to go – i needed to be in a big chain hotel. So i quit that Motel Job after a year and four months. I went traveling off to Europe during the 3 months I had off between jobs and when i got back, started at Holiday Inn & Express.

Now i know all of you know HI because they are worldwide, everyone knows the HI Brand. Great experience I could have ever ask for. I did so much for that hotel in Nisku Alberta from Housekeeping, sales, groups, blocks, and everything behind the front desk operations and it is not the nitty gritty stuff Рthere is a lot of work that goes behind operating a Hotel. But after ten months i was losing my focus and love for the hospitality industry which later on i will explain why but right now I knew i had to get out of that property. So i moved to a Bigger HI, a full service Рit is great I love it there! I have found my love and passion for the industry again.

Nitty Gritty stuff behind the scenes, Express Style:

  • you get everyone walking over¬†everyone’s¬†shoes doing¬†everyone’s¬†jobs and half the time they do not communicate well so when the guest calls back and says oh¬†that’s¬†what Deana said, and you end up being so clueless on the phone – it is not even funny and you feel stupid!
  • The GM was such a great talker, and will tell you anything you want to hear to make you feel important to the hotel. But then you hear another side of his story and it just flabbergasts you on how¬†gullible¬†you can be. And makes you feel stupid for believing him. Because all you want to do further your own career and hope to have good strong people behind you to help you along your way.¬†watch your own back.
  • There will be all sorts of people you will get to work with as your co workers and some of them you may bump heads with but best advice i can give you is.¬†focus on the work and work as a team to make the hotel a success and do not worry about what they think or may think about you because 100% of the time what they think about you and say about you is not true, because no one knows you but yourself. they are not your friends at work you do not have to tell them your life story, keep that private.
  • You may also get a manager like Sabrina who has to control everything and will cut your budget on some of the most important operating tools in a hotel, like the breakfast bar food, or front desk equipment. So when you do not have the tools or updated technology to do your job and your guests notice that, who do you think you are hurting? duh the hotel and you also make your staff look retarded.¬†in order to make money, you kind of have to be able to let some out. You do not make money by saving money!¬†
  • It is a lot of stress working in a Express, or maybe just this property because they are not set up like normal hotels. They are still doing things the manual way, the old way. Bob the GM is trying to fill the hotel with the proper management but it is only leading to ciaos because Sabrina does not like to release control.¬†You have Bob doing everything in the hotel from his job managing the hotel, front desk to breakfast bar. Only because He can not find and keep staff because of the crap from upper management.¬†It is out of control!

So from me… I am signing off! Have a fabulous weekend ladies & gentlemen! Till next Time…. xoxo

Decision to go Global

For the past year I was considering on going with swap when I move to Australia because that’s the only company I knew of. Then one day my follower count on Twitter goes up and I do what everyone else does and checks out who followed you. Well I did, and saw this company: The Global work and travel company – intrigued a spark not to lie. Checked out their website and when I read that their one package¬†guarantees¬†job¬†opportunity’s¬†upon arrival, well I was ecstatic. Finding a job when you don’t have a job is tough and I imagine coming across the Atlantic ocean to a foreign land would be ten times tougher on your own. So I left my contact information and instantly I was contacted, it was hard at first to coordinate a time for Australia to phone me with the crazy day and time differences and my crazy work schedule in the hospitality industry.

Why did I flip?
I switched from swap to Global not only because they¬†guarantee¬†me job¬†opportunity’s¬†but because they have been very helpful. And they got me excited which lead me to pursuing my dream of traveling and working abroad that much sooner than later.

Visa application.
Easy, easy, easy as pie. Next day approval to get your visa granted by email notification which is the way they recommend. Very easy through the Australian government website.

Why did I choose Global?
In all fairness, they chose me.

They some how found me on twitter and followed me and when i was going through my followers list, i was intrigued on who these Global people were so i checked out their website and facebook page and contacted them to learn more. And by that time I was paying my deposit.

The farthest i have ever gone in my move to Australia, thanks! I had no idea how Swap would have helped me when i was over there, and from hearing other word from other Global travelers and talking to the representatives at Global, they can help guarantee my job opportunities. Which is better than nothing, coming all the way over from Canada to a country you have never set foot on before.

What is next?
Sell my vehicle so i can access my remaining funds for Australia. Fly off to Egypt to spend New Years with Chris and then spend the remaining New Year in Spain. Return home and back to work to make more money and start saying my farewells, and finalizing my plans before the BIG move across the Atlantic ocean. Scary isn’t it- it’s amazing eh!!

If it wasn’t for the fact that The Global work & Travel company followed me on twitter I wouldn’t have found out about them and I would still be way behind in my plan on moving to¬†Australia¬†– one could say they kicked me in the behind and got me to jump in with two feet and put my deposit down and make it a official plan. Not sure how you did it but they did it!