I have never in my life come across so many scammers online. I just recently put my car on kijiji and auto trader, trying to sell it before I leave for Australia and so far only scammers have been trying to contact me. Like come on people do you not have anything better to do with your life.

And you will know it is a scammer because they will generally offer you the asking price no problem or off 700 CAD above the asking price no problem, but will say they are out of the country on business and trust you, and won’t have time to get a inspection done. Initially they will contact you via text with a email address that looks legit.

I hopefully have fixed that problem by placing on my Ad on Kijiji ‘will not accept PayPal as a form of Payment’

All i am trying to do is sell my car before i move to Australia, did not know it was this much of a hassle. I remember when I could sell stuff online without getting scammers emailing me.

Beware and Be careful!

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