Decision to go Global

For the past year I was considering on going with swap when I move to Australia because that’s the only company I knew of. Then one day my follower count on Twitter goes up and I do what everyone else does and checks out who followed you. Well I did, and saw this company: The Global work and travel company – intrigued a spark not to lie. Checked out their website and when I read that their one package guarantees job opportunity’s upon arrival, well I was ecstatic. Finding a job when you don’t have a job is tough and I imagine coming across the Atlantic ocean to a foreign land would be ten times tougher on your own. So I left my contact information and instantly I was contacted, it was hard at first to coordinate a time for Australia to phone me with the crazy day and time differences and my crazy work schedule in the hospitality industry.

Why did I flip?
I switched from swap to Global not only because they guarantee me job opportunity’s but because they have been very helpful. And they got me excited which lead me to pursuing my dream of traveling and working abroad that much sooner than later.

Visa application.
Easy, easy, easy as pie. Next day approval to get your visa granted by email notification which is the way they recommend. Very easy through the Australian government website.

Why did I choose Global?
In all fairness, they chose me.

They some how found me on twitter and followed me and when i was going through my followers list, i was intrigued on who these Global people were so i checked out their website and facebook page and contacted them to learn more. And by that time I was paying my deposit.

The farthest i have ever gone in my move to Australia, thanks! I had no idea how Swap would have helped me when i was over there, and from hearing other word from other Global travelers and talking to the representatives at Global, they can help guarantee my job opportunities. Which is better than nothing, coming all the way over from Canada to a country you have never set foot on before.

What is next?
Sell my vehicle so i can access my remaining funds for Australia. Fly off to Egypt to spend New Years with Chris and then spend the remaining New Year in Spain. Return home and back to work to make more money and start saying my farewells, and finalizing my plans before the BIG move across the Atlantic ocean. Scary isn’t it- it’s amazing eh!!

If it wasn’t for the fact that The Global work & Travel company followed me on twitter I wouldn’t have found out about them and I would still be way behind in my plan on moving to Australia – one could say they kicked me in the behind and got me to jump in with two feet and put my deposit down and make it a official plan. Not sure how you did it but they did it!

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