Be heard not just seen.

It is a harsh world out there and only way to make a success in any type of career you choose is to be heard and not just seen. Like what I did on the weekend, I applied to my General Manager’s ad for Sales Manager. Because I really want a Job as a Sales Manager. I sleep and breathe marketing and sales, I am not sure who else is better for the job.

It is a know who you know industry, especially in the hospitality because you meet so many people day in, day out. You only make first impressions once so try not to blow it. Know your place but yet step out of the box once in a while so people know what you are capable of especially your boss so when a promotion is up, they know who to go to first.

Use tools like Twitter to help you network, it is a wonderful tool. It is the number one marketing and sales tool out there nowadays, use it and learn to love Twitter.

I know i have yet to work on my confidence but compared to how far and where I have come from, I am making a tremendous step in the right direction. Another thing I am super proud of is the fact that I went from 31 rooms to 120, to 224 room hotel in less than a year. Impressive! I am ecstatic with myself, when i think of that i can not help but smile with how well i have done for myself. And I hope only to keep moving forward and succeeding my expectations and hopefully one day, just one day I can become that Sales Manager for a large hotel and then five years from that to be a Hotel Manager of my own hotel. Hey! one can dream can’t they.

Work hard, with your head held high and who knows where you will go!


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