PC Champion

Working with IHG hotels one has to be come very good at selling priority club and enrolling future guests and the easiest way to do such nonsense is by asking if they collect airmiles or aeroplan. As with airmiles they collect $1 for every 5$ they spend at Holiday Inns’ or 500 miles per stay if they choose to collect aeroplan. But if they do not have neither then they can collect 10 points for every qualified $1 they spend at IHG properties.

Tonight I must have gotten well over 10 enrollments tonight, it was crazy busy tonight. Hardly got a break to eat our food but we managed. People kept walking through our doors and the phone would not stop ringing. But I got to remember why I love this Industry and I do. I love meeting people from all sorts of walks of life.

Benefits of becoming a Priority club member, even though it does not give you discounts on room mates, it gives you alot more. Either you collect airmiles or aeroplan you can collect either one and collect more miles to fly to that hot summer destination. Or collect Priority club points for reward night stays at any IHG properties. Lastly you can either buy merchandise at the priority club website. Another benefits besides collecting points, is the fact you can have a later check out as of 2pm without getting charged for it. Does n’t that sound great? It really does doesn’t it!

My last hotel property I worked at i was the PC champion and we always made our quota on enrollments and I am sad to mention this but they will never make their quota now because they only have one person that carrys everyones weight in that hotel and she only works part time. No one else does it. My new place got the best they could ever get in the hospitality industry and that may sound a little cocky from the sounds of it but if I do not brag about myself and my awesome work ethic then who will? No one. Thats right so I got to do it.

Let the 100+ enrollments a month start rolling in. …

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