57 days

57 days is the same as 1.872 months. And that is exactly how much time I have until my next BIG adventure. Another city, another New Year. Lets’ recap shall we.

2010/11 New Year I spent it in San Francisco, United States of America.

2011/12 I spent the New Years in Paris, France.

So where am I going this year, you ask….

*drumroll please*

You ready for it?


That’s right I am going to the Middle East. I fly from @FlyEIA on December 26, 2012 and arrive into Cairo December 27, 2012. Where I will meet up with the group December 29th.

Sail on the Nile cruise for New Years, now how fabulous does that sound. pretty fantastic if you ask me. I wonder if Egypt will have Fireworks for new years? After All i did not get any last new years but that was alright because i was in Paris last year.

In Fifty-Seven days I leave my winter jacket and boots behind and pack my thongs (flip flops or jandals) I am not allowed to call them flip flops, because I am moving to Australia next year, i was told I have to get used to calling them thongs.

But wait… that is not my only stop! Where else am I going??

*another drumroll please*


I fly straight to Spain right after my Contiki Tour in Egypt for another 15 days before flying home. What a world wind of an adventure it will be. Not only am i going to spend New Years in the middle East but i will be spending the new Year traveling around Spain.

I am not sure about you but i am super stoked and it is only 57 days till…. Already got my International Drivers Permit, never know when you will need to drive. Learning some Spanish phrases – helps that i know some Italian phrases already 😉

So Excited…. Takes all my effort on not to scream in excitement or for that matter to squeak. haha! I know I am cute when i get excited over certain things, but that is who I am.




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