Snow has arrived

October 28,2012 is the first officially day of snow in the Edmonton Area, ladies and gentlemen it is officially winter. Old man winter has arrived. brrrrrrr. Bring out the winter coats and boots.

One does not know yet what this will bring us, will it bring us a mild winter or a harsh winter – all that we know anything can happen here in Alberta. So lets hope for the lesson mild winter.

Cold winter days makes you want to curl up on the couch in front of the stove with a cup of hot cocoa and that is exactly what I did except for the hot cocoa part, but i did turn on the stove.

Another fun thing to do in the snow even though it may be childish but build a snowman or make a snow angel. Fun in the snow can be fun at any age. Snowmobiling is also fun but we got rid of our machines a long time ago so no more snow speed for me.

One thing i want to try this year though is Snowboarding. Hopefully I get to try it this winter before I move to Australia, that would be fun and awesome to cross off my bucket list.



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