So last night or early this morning I finished my first Night Audit shift and it is defiantly a different feeling being in a hotel after 11pm and before 7am. You get a different prospective on the Hotel Industry. Night Audit has a lot of work ahead of them before turnover and if a mistake is presented from the morning shift, or afternoon shift and especially if it is not clear cut it can be hard for them to figure out what the other person did. It is always good to learn Audit that way you learn how they work and will make you think, okay I should do this so Audit’s job is easier at night. Why create more work when it really shouldn’t be difficult. I told them i wanted to learn Audit shift so then I can fully understand the Front Desk. And also so I can further my courage and confidence in the Hospitality Industry.

Last night we had the IHG inspector in house and we were told he would come down on Audit shift but we did not see him, but I did give him his wake up call. I kind of wanted to see him, say hi again because when i met him previously I was so nervous and this time i wanted to prove my outgoing personality and confidence. Next time. But not too soon I hope.

First Audit shift completed. Moving up to bigger and better things in the hospitality industry, so proud. accomplishing so much.

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