How do I travel so much?

I get this asked all the time, How do you travel so much and it is simple. I make it a priority. And Know what you want and learn how to ask for it. This is your life and you have to live it according to you and not to someone else’s beat. Then I save, save and save my money. Some tips: Even if you have to hide it in a locked jar underneath your bed or in your closet. Best bet to do is have a separate savings account with automatic withdrawals, that way you do not see the money.

Also good knowledge to have is when to fly and when not to fly. Take Spring Break in March; not the best time to fly due to the fact school is let out and all the kids are on spring break so therefore families are more obligated to book their holidays during that time. Know the off seasons in your destinations that you plan to visit.

For Europe the off seasons are May-June and October-December.
For Egypt: November-January.
For Australia: June-July.

I personally like to fly on Boxing day (December 26) I always find fabulous deals flying during that time. Many sites I browse for deals: Expedia (ONLY use this site to compare), Uniglobe Geo Travel, Flightcentre, Booking Buddy, Orbitz travel,, AMA Travel, Delta airlines, Air Canada, West Jet, American Airlines. I always compare prices with third party sites but I always book with the Airline directly. My theory is that if anything happens the airlines will be more obligated to help you. And it also takes one bad experience with Expedia to change that theory into realistically speaking, a habit.  

If your single and have no attachments to where you are living at the current moment then you can fly anytime. Or maybe you are just a woman in searching of her word.

In my spare time when I am not traveling the world, I work hard for my money in the wonderful world of the hospitality industry. I love it because despite that I am not traveling I am still meeting people from all over and that is one of the many joys of traveling – the people you meet. Probably why I enjoy the Hospitality Industry so much.

Also it helps that I am a excellent saver, after I pay what is necessary I put the rest away in a separate savings account that I can not touch or “see” and especially where the government can not touch it – tax free savings account. Another helpful piece of plastic, If you do not already have a airmiles or aeroplan card – I recommend getting one. Me personally I like aeroplan, I find that the miles accumulate quicker. I only fill up my vehicle at gas stations where I can receive aeroplan miles, and AMA (only to make having the membership worthwhile –  last renewal I have not paid because off all the times i use my AMA membership. And it is helpful when on the road and if anything happens, AMA is there)

It is important to stick to your budget.

But where is the happy component you ask. About once a month I will splurge and buy something just for me, either new clothes to add to my wardrobe or shoes, or a manicure. It helps and puts saving your money into perspective and encourages you to save more if you spoil yourself once in a while then you do not feel stuck without any money or new things. It is all about moderation. Most important do not forget to smile and have fun! you only live once so Enjoy it, Live it and Experience it!

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