Dear 14 year old self,

First do what makes you happy and do not listen to anyone who trys and tells you else wise. Like Mrs. Thiel for example, you will come back to school from attending the University of Alberta Open House and be super stoked that you found the Journalism course intrigued and Glenda Thiel will simply out right tell you that you can not do that. But do not listen to her.

Second of all, leave Edmonton Academy as fast as you can and do not return back to that school – You will learn to hate the school and all the instructors in that place of education. You will find that by your last year of high school, you will want to spend all your time working full time and during the day at work more fun and believe it will be more fun. You will have the best boss at your work place, you will be able to call into work and ask to work and he will not be able to say no.

You may not want to go to College right after school but do it and start building your education experience then, rather than later. But if you can manage save some money for traveling the world with Contiki Holidays so you can start gaining your self confidence and traveling the world – so you can tell people: Have you done it? … and you will be able to tell them, I have done it! It is a big world out there and you should be starting as soon as your turn 18 years of age with Contiki Holidays. Enjoy it. Live it. Experience it.

Lastly, Stay happy not depressed.

Cheers from You.

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