July 2013.

I have made the life decision of a life time, and only having 9 months left here in Canada, I have to start organizing my departure before I will be getting up and out of this country. As some of you already know I will be moving to Australia. The land down under. I have come to conclusion that there is nothing here in Canada for me, and it is time to move my feet again and over the Pacific Ocean.

First Step is to sell my vehicle. While leading into Step number two, where I will be visiting Egypt and Spain. All while I budget and save my money even more so i can purchase my flights to Australia when i return home from Spain. And I will be purchasing a One way flight over to the land down under because ladies and gentlemen I will not be returning back to Canada. And if you do see me back in this lovely country of ours, it will only be for a short period of time to visit family during the holidays.

Why Australia – Why not! It’s a place I have not been before and I get a thrill in being a city where i am anonymous. Creating that new image and forming my path to form who i am truly, and not who i was in the past life or how anyone around me wants me to be. I am my own person and Traveling the world allows me to form that image.

And I have more friends in Australia than any place in the world put together and a few more added each day. Other places my friends live are; South Africa, America, Canada, Brazil, England, China, New Zealand.

So in recap, 9 months time I will be moving to Australia and have chosen to start in Brisbane on the Gold coast. Not only was it my decision but Global work & Travel suggested I start there, so they can help me get on my feet for the first few months with work and all.

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