Good bye 2012.

We all know know when it’s the end of a year when all our favorite tv shows bring forward their season finale. To remember the kind of year we had and give thanks and love to those we have met and enjoyed having in our life’s and hope they continue to be in our life in the new year.

My year remembered; cruising down the river seine, hanging out underneath the Eiffel tower, walking the cobblestones streets of Paris, watching a moulin rouge cabaret show, meeting fabulous new friends from around the globe, shopping in London England, listening to big Ben strike four o’clock, locking lips with a certain somebody in London England, ( that I will not reveal any names so you will just I have to remain in the dark), eating at Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant.

Bungee jumping for my 25th birthday, that was the most thrilling rush. It made that wall inside of me disappear and I was able to accomplish anything with nothing standing or blocking my way.

Well you can tell it was a fabulous year for me. But all good things must come to an end and make room for new adventures and stories. It is time to write a new chapter, Where I will be writing the first in Egypt and then Spain.

So merry Christmas and happy new year.

Xoxo ❤ K

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