London again.

Well it has officially been a year and I am back. Back home in London. Even though it is just the airport I still feel the London atmosphere and hearing all the airport staff speak proper English and I love it. This is the place I want to live, this is the place where home is home.

5pm yesterday I left Edmonton although I do not remember much from the take off because I do not even remembering taxiing out to the runway. I have worked so much at my two jobs, especially e hotel where I love. I am fortunate to have found a great group of co workers that is a blast to work with while having a good laugh. It was just what I needed to end my year.

Back to the flight, I did not wake up until I was over nunavut and that is quite a distance in the air to be asleep. All that I can say good thing I did not miss supper. Which was pasta or chicken, and I chose pasta. Dessert with it was not very good, and the salad was different. But the pasta was yummy. Started watching a movie on the plane but I fell asleep, I pretty much slept the whole flight. And now it is 9am here in London. I wish I could leave and wander London. I miss it so much. Another hour and my gate will be announced and then I will be off to egypt.

Stood in the que a long time it felt like but only took an hour and a half, and then they had to go through my carry on and take my marmite away from me because it was too big but then how did Edmonton let me through? I love the English language, que. meaning line.

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