Stroke of Midnight

When 2012 turned into 2013 I was where I planned to be, cruising down the Nile River in Egypt with new friends from all over the globe; and Chris.

Some were from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America and others were from Canada. it was a good well mixed group of individuals, we bonded together amazingly – I can see all of us staying in touch for a very long time. Missing them each and every day!

To end 2012, I was at the location of the great pyramids of Giza riding camels through the Sierra desert. Could you think of anything better to end the year.

I thought it was going to be tough to top each new year because each previous new year I was in a new country and city, but It seems the previous new years has been beaten by the current. What’s in store for next year you ask? I am not sure but stay tuned. All that I can tell you is that I will be in another country and new city finding new adventures, memories and stories.

Started 2013 off bright and early with an early flight to Abu Simbel – the amazing world heritage sight.

saw five World Heritage Sights in the first month of 2013, throughout Egypt and Spain.

“Think global, act local.”

Tourism in Egypt.

Normally the medias portrayal on such subject wouldn’t bother me to this extent but ever since I have recently visited this beautiful, astonishing country and saw no real concern in the follow protests that are happening.

Yes every country has their issues and Egypt just happens to have a big concern, concerning their dictatorship of presidency with Morsi.

This all has happened for a reason because the younger generation has been getting more educated and are seeing through the eyes of social media what other country’s have regarding their freedom and Egyptians just want the same kind of freedom, so that is why they are revolting against their president.

They are nice normal human beings, just like you and me – but unfortunately they do not have much luxury items as we north Americans do. It such a culture shock entering Egypt, a Muslim country – and seeing how they are making a living. Parents push their children out into the streets selling souvenirs to the tourists. be careful as it is not always the best deal and when they have your attention, they can pick pocket you – and they are not obvious about it.

Small and silly valuable luxury item, but it’s true – toilet paper. You will find when you enter a public restroom that sometimes you will have to pay, and or there will be no toilet paper available. Make sure you have tissue in your day bag when out strolling the streets of Cairo.

Cairo is such a vibrant busy city with twenty million people living inside. So you can imagine what traffic is like – so that, use that imagination and erase the traffic lights, now try and see how traffic is. Literally there is no traffic lights in this vibrant city of Cairo. But everyone still manages to get from point A to point B alive, but not necessarily on time unless you give yourself plenty of time and leave well enough early.

Best time to head out to Alexandria from Cairo is approximately 06:00am in hope of avoiding the rush of traffic, as it is a three hour drive north.

Another concern Egyptian police have is that the citizens have lost all respect towards them because instead of the police being concerned and aware of the citizens, they were and more focused on the government awareness. As I have happened to see a little brawl, argument between a local Citizen and a law enforcement officer for a brief second – afterwards asking Sherif what had just happened.

After getting stuck on the Nile, and Getting free from the shallowness we had to head back through the Aswan High Dam & Low Dam where we had to spend the night and disembark the following day and drive to Luxor instead – we had to have a armed security guard aboard our coach.

Until now visitors in private vehicles between Luxor and Aswan had to have traveled in an armed military vehicle. In result of security concerns that followed a terrorist attack at a temple near Luxor in 1997. As to why cruise ships are now limited to tour Luxor and Aswan on the river, and to the reason why were needed a armed security guard aboard our coach driving to Luxor.

Dress not just for the heat, but for the culture. It is a conservative Muslim culture and it should be respected at all times. Girls, please refrain from wearing short shorts, see through clothing and swim wear on shore – and it is advised on not to travel unescorted.

Good way to think when traveling to this part of the world is to think global, but act local. And by all means know their culture and respect it at all lengths.


Making that major change in your life is not for everyone and defiantly not easy for some. In order to implement change in one life incrementally – the solution is: Contki Holidays. You have friends and tour guide one step along the way to help you, to guide you through each individual city.

For those who has been bite by the travel bug generally makes the change all at once, cold turkey style. Because we love being out of our comfort zone and in a new city, culture. Life is about enjoying it, living it and experiencing it.

For myself, I make changes all at once. Life is is short and if you delay in plans then half the time it never happens, as one may always say to herself/himself – oh yes next week I will sit down and plan this but when next week arrives they forget and keeps pushing it forward. That’s why it is important to go forward with any sudden plans one may have with No Regrets.

I myself can not mention what my sudden changes are at this current moment but I rest assure you it will be a huge change. Stay tuned.