Making that major change in your life is not for everyone and defiantly not easy for some. In order to implement change in one life incrementally – the solution is: Contki Holidays. You have friends and tour guide one step along the way to help you, to guide you through each individual city.

For those who has been bite by the travel bug generally makes the change all at once, cold turkey style. Because we love being out of our comfort zone and in a new city, culture. Life is about enjoying it, living it and experiencing it.

For myself, I make changes all at once. Life is is short and if you delay in plans then half the time it never happens, as one may always say to herself/himself – oh yes next week I will sit down and plan this but when next week arrives they forget and keeps pushing it forward. That’s why it is important to go forward with any sudden plans one may have with No Regrets.

I myself can not mention what my sudden changes are at this current moment but I rest assure you it will be a huge change. Stay tuned.

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