Right to Health

Yes, the government should provide health care to their people in their home country. It should be a automatic right, a pilivage to have health and to be taken care of.

Only drawbacks would have to be higher taxes but take Canada for an example – we have high taxes in which we “pay” for our healthcare. In return, we have access to the hostipal in case of any emergencies.

If an American came to Canada and needed to use our hospital for an emergency, like my aunt did one time because of a wasp sting – it had cost her $200 for the visit. But all in fairness If she had gone to the hospital back home she would most likely have paid double or even more. Also I heard, if you had cut your fingers – Americans choose which fingers to keep based on how much each finger is worth, as each finger is a different set value.

now I don’t know if that’s true, that’s only what I have heard. To end, yes everyone should be taken care of and have the right to healthcare. Just look at Canada, America, Australia to name a few – we take so much for granted and are given so much, where half the world does not even have clean running water let alone the resources for daily family care.

And that is why I want to sponsor a child in south Africa. Give a child hope and light in this oh so cruel world of ours


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