Escaping jetleg.

Every time one returns home from Europe they normally receive the worst jetleg that lasts a week, and functioning on jetleg is not easy. Let alone fun!

Theres always a time loop one flies in when traveling across the world. One may think it doesn’t or will not affect them but think again, it always does.

So what’s the solution to escaping jetleg you ask, and your probably thinking How would I know right ? Well traveling across the globe has been a life changing experience for me in a lot more ways then you’d think.

I actually got to escape the pain of jetleg just three weeks ago coming back home from three weeks in Egypt and Spain, where i had the lovely chance of moving around timezones. Making me more obligated to be stuck in jetleg when I return.

The hidden secret is, you ready for it?

jump back into reality as soon as possible

it was a hectic flying time for me getting home, first cancelled flight from Madrid to frankfurt due to freezing rain. Then I finally got to Frankfurt but was delayed for three to four hours, waiting in the que for de-Icing then making a quick visit to the maintenance hanger and by this time more than half of the flight had missed their connections in Toronto. All I can say to that is: welcome to winter in Europe. By the time I got home it was nine o’clock and getting my luggage it was ten – grabbed me a taxi to take me to work as that was where my car was stored for the three weeks I was away and plus I had to work that night at eleven. Which turned out perfect because eleven pm was really seven am was my time (Egypt time). And I did that work schedule for a week. So you can see how I was able to escape the pain of jetleg.

One thought on “Escaping jetleg.

  1. Wow I can’t believe you had to work the night you came back from your trip. Hardcore.

    I hate jetlag, even flying 3 hours back from Toronto I want to crawl into bed for a day.

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