Women in Islam.

“veiling of women is not a specifically Islamic practice but an ancient cultural heritage with analogies in sister religions”

If a women is wearing a black Veil covering her head, means she is married. But if she is wearing a colorful Veil, means she is single.

“In order to understand how firm this belief is, it is enough to mention that the minister of Education in France, the land of Voltaire, has recently ordered the expulsion of all young Muslim women wearing the veil from French schools! A young Muslim student wearing a headscarf is denied her right of Education in France, while a catholic student wearing a cross or a Jewish student wearing a skullcap is not.” 

Why is our world so quick to judge other people, shouldn’t we explore and accept everyone of different race, religion. Our religion is what makes one, who we are. Even if you do not have a selected religion that you believe in, there is religion in all of us. Just a different kind of religion for some us that do not believe in a selected type. And one shouldn’t be denied access to the world,or let alone receiving an education for that matter based on religion; headscarf or none. Do not outbound Muslims for being who they are or what they believe in. Yes they may be different and respond to daily living a little different than the North American or the French; but ever since visiting the world of Muslims myself earlier this year, i am save to say – yes they are weird but they are still people like you and me who should be respected for what they have to deal with, put up with. It’s tough being a women in a Muslim community, But still let alone a life changing experience none the less.


The image left behind in the bible of Eve is that of a temptress – which had resulted a negative image and impact on women through the Judaeo-Christian Tradition. All women were believed to have inherited from their mother and consequently we were all untrustworthy, morally inferior. Where as, Menstruation, pregnancy, childbearing were considered just the right punishment for the guilt of the cursed female sex. 

Jewish Rabbis had listed nine curses for the following ladies; “To the women he gave nine curses and death: the burden of the blood of menstruation, blood of virginity, burden of pregnancy, burden of childbirth, burden of bringing up the children, her head is covered as one in mourning, she pierces her ear like a permanent slave or slave girl who serves her master, she is not to be believed as a witness, and after everything — death.”

Wow! Women in Islam have it rough….

“all humans are born in sin” 

In order to show no mercy for us, human beings from our ‘original sin’, God himself had to sacrifice Jesus – who considered to be the son of God on the cross. Although, Eve was responsible for her own mistake, her husband’s Sin and the original sin of all humanity and of course the death of the Son of God. Wow!! Women have it rough, let alone living our lives in order to live normal happy ones, we have to have the burden of everyone else’s sins on our shoulders. 

Let’s sum things up on the Judaeo-Christian beliefs on women; conception of women has been poisoned by the belief in the sinful nature of Eve and her female offspring.

Let’s take a look at what Quran has to say about women and will learn that the Islamic conception of women is different from Judaeo-Christian.

“For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for true men and women, for men and women who are patient, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in charity, for men and women who fast, for men and women who guard their chastity, and for men and women who engage much in Allah’s praise — for them all has Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward”

“the believers, men and women are protectors, one of another” 

So as you can see that the Quranic view of men and women is very so different from the Judaeo-Christian views, and that women is no different than that of our men. They are both God’s creatures, and the Quran never mentions that women are devil’s gateway or that they are deceiver by nature. Another note, Quran never mentions that men are God’s image, all men and women are his creatures, that is all. A women’s role is not limited to just childbirth according to the Quran. Women are required to do many good deeds as any other men that is required of them.

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