World Heritage Site #86 Memphis and its necropolis – The pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahsur

Also known as the seven wonders of the world.


Did you know the great pyramids of Giza are on the edge of the city, of Cairo. I had no idea they were so close. Can you imagine living on that side of the city and waking up each morning to the pyramids. Now that would he the life. Although it had taken a while to get out of town, traffic in Cairo is hectic without any traffic lights or signs. People just tend to make their own way through. It is eye opening driving through Cairo and all of a sudden seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza off in the distance as you exit the crazy hectic city. You almost get that warm fuzzy feeling like oh my gosh i can not believe I am here.

The panhandlers are horrible here though but do not let that share you away from seeing these world sites. Just do not give them your camera if they want to take a picture of you with the pyramids in the background because they will ask you for a tip afterwards, demand a tip. And be sneaky on taking your photograph sitting on the pyramid, unless you want to pay the ‘security guard’ to look the other way for you to snap that picture. Vive and I Just walked along side the non busy side of the pyramid and when the coast was clear we took turns sitting on the pyramids for our photo-op. It took two tries as the first time, a guard saw us and started walking our way so we got off and walked further until the guard walked away and then we went back and took our photo-op quite quickly. And all you single ladies or married ladies out there, make sure you walk with a guy, because you will get hassled. Its a little less hassled with a guy but they change their tactic a little when you are with your guys. The Egyptian men will bargain with your guy, to sell you for 30 or so camels.


Camel riding through the Sahara Dessert. Best time to go to Egypt in the Winter, the highest temperature it got was +15 degrees which was perfect. But still cover up ladies – respect their customs and traditions, especially if you want to limit the hassleness from the Egyptian men. It is something else riding through the Sahara Dessert on a camel – #NoRegrets.


Showing the Egyptian love.

Watch out for the vendors and the children, they can be a pain and if traveling with a tour – leave your belongings on the bus for safe keeping and only take what you need to explore.

  • Always travel with a “husband.”
  • Learn how to say no thank you in Arabic.
  • Do not look at the vendors directly- don’t give any indication you are interested and they hassle you like there is no tomorrow.