World Heritage Site #87 Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis

Thebes or also know as the City of the God Amon, where it once was the capital of Egypt during the middle and new kingdoms.


Thebes holds only the finest antiques of the history, art and religion of ancient Egypt. Where once Pharaohs to Roman emperors, glorified the city with its beauty of architecture, obelisks and sculptures. The well being that found life that manifested in the Thebes of the living was identifiable in the gorgeous site of Luxor and Karnak, located on the right bank of the Nile.



Obelisks, like Egyptian pyramids but suppose to represent the descending rays of the sun; resembling a petrified ray of the sun disk. A prominent in Egyptian Architecture who placed them in pairs at the entrance of temples.


Karnak Temple where it brings together three temples where one is consecrated to Mut, one to the warrior god Montu and last one to Amon.

So much history, is it not fascinating. Learning how another set of humans lived in this world before us. Million year old history still preserved here for us to see, and some of it is still in color. Karnak Temple was one of the better ones more preserved in their color art on the walls. Every where you go there are Egyptian men wanting to take pictures with you, and to hassle you.  Oh and if someone bargains something in Nubian pounds, No such thing. Does not exist.