Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack

Brand New hit song from the none other than Demi Lovato where she once again showcases some Strong lyrics. Such a powerful young lady from Hollywood.

I hope we do understand that Love is not Love in Hollywood but where Hollywood Love is pure Hollywood Love. It is all about who will help me further my career and make me look good while doing so. But i am not saying it is impossible to find love in Hollywood – it is just a little more difficult than say Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And that is what any normal girl like Demi Lovato and the rest of us struggle with if you haven’t found him yet.

Demi Lovato knows how to speak to her expected audience. But what does her words mean – Or is it just a song – whats the truth behind it?

let’s analyze some of her lyrics in her brand new Hit song – Heart Attack.

Puttin’ my defenses up cuz I don’t wanna fall in love

It’s a harsh harsh world out there for love and if you do find that one person that showcase your love for, but what if you do but they do not show it back and you just end up hurting yourself or in Demi Lovatos words – If i ever did that, I think I’d have a heart attack.

Never said yes to the other guy. Never found the right guy.

When I don’t care I can play ’em like  a Ken doll. When I am not focused on finding Love, I can have fun and be me… Won’t wash my hair. 

But you make me wanna act like a girl, paint my nails and wear high heels. Yes you, make me nervous that I just can’t hold your hand. You have a certain power over me some how, some way that I do not understand.

You make me gloooooooow, but I cover up, won’t let it shoooooow. I won’t cave to your weakness over who I am. I will stay strong to keep my identity.

And every time I try to be myself, It comes out wrong like a cry for help. I lose track of my identity.

Have a listen yourself, and what are your opinions and thoughts – share ’em below…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

The Spinx of Giza has been representing the essence of Egypt for a thousand years.

  • Body of a lion but a head of a King or God
  • It has come to symbolize strength and wisdom
  • It would look as though the Head is smaller proportion to the Body but due to the ever changing desert terrain and due to the fact that the Body of the Spinx has been buried for several times over several thousand years.
  • The sand has been cleared away to expose the true beauty and magnitude of the Spinx.

Egyptian Love


Guess Who?





Any guesses who this man is?
guess who 2

A Children’s playground, but there were more Adults enjoying the various slides and climbing. He will make you feel like a kid again. Located in the park of Jardin del Turia in Valencia, Spain.

In 2010 the Novel by an Irish Writer, Johnathan Swift was made into a movie.

guess who

So do you know who he is yet?

Journey through Alberta, Canada

There are many cities and towns throughout Alberta that has a unique icon to symbolize their particular town and Alberta as a whole – Lets Travel through Alberta…

I know Alberta is not on everyone’s Bucket-list because truth to be told it is not on mine but since I call Alberta home at the moment, lets not rule it off just yet. Because we do have a lot to offer even though it is not the Grand Canyon, or Europe. But one can not and should not compare Travel Alberta to the rest of the world let alone the rest of Canada. Every destination has its perks.

There is history throughout Alberta, and I here show you below the type of history you can see  along with their unique Icons.


The Largest Dragonfly made out of old airplane parts is located 50 minutes west of the city of Edmonton in the Village of Wabamun.


World’s Largest Tractor Weather Vane in the town of Westlock. It has a real 1942 Case Model D tractor with scalloped steel wheels sitting at the top. Individuals and local businesses volunteered their time and expenses to building the attraction which took a couple of years.


Barrhead’s Blue Heron sometimes caught spotted along the local lakes shoreline. Named; “Aaron the Blue Heron” and built in 1984.

Fort Ass

Okay this is me being silly but really I could not resist… Really I did not have a choice.

fort ass icon

The Largest wheel and axe in the Hamlet of Fort Assiniboine, reflects the rich cultural heritage from when it was major trade and supply point during the Hudson’s Bay-era and during the Klondike Gold Rush.


Fallen Four Memorial Park in Mayorthrope was founded to honour the slain policemen.

The Tragedy occured on March 3, 2005 on the property of James Roszko. With Heckler & Kock 91, Roszko had shot and killed Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constables Peter Schiemann, Anthony Gordon, Lionide Johnston and Brock Myrol; the officers were executing a property seizure on the Farm. This was the worst one-day loss of life for the RCMP in 100 years. Numerous stolen vehicle parts and a Marijuana grow-op were found on the premises.


Sun-dial symbolizing Sangudo. Also the home of the Sangudo Speed-way.