UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic City of Toledo

Toledo is impressively built on the highest point of the city, from the beginning the Romans used The Toledo’s Alcazar as a Palace; and the Christians reconstructed it during the reign of Kin Alfonss VI; and Alfonso X the Wise continued with the construction.

All of Toledo’s civilizations contributed to the grandeur of Toledo that left amazing masterpieces which expresses original beauty of a characteristic style and a paradoxical syncretism of the hybrid forms of Mudejar style, which at that time there were three major religions in the existence (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

Egypt with a hint of Spain 950


It was hard to get a coach through the city of Toledo, so we literally had to get dropped off at one end of the city and walk to the other side to get right back onto the coach.

Toledo, where swords are made.

The city of Toledo also exerted a considerable amount of influence during the Visigothic Period – when it was the capital of a kingdom of which had stretched all the way to the Narbonnese Region and during the Renaissance which it had become a important artistic centers in Spain.