UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Centre of Cordoba

This Historic Centre of Cordoba now puts together the streets to surround the monument and all the pieces of land opening onto these together around the mosque-cathedral.

Egypt with a hint of Spain 936


And Below, the streets surrounding…



katestraveling photo
katestraveling photo

Cordoba is known from two geographical features – the mountains of the Sierra Morena with their Mineral wealth and the River Guadalquivir. As such it is also a natural site for human settlement for reasons of trade and defence.

The site of Cordoba for early history is not known. Although history folks know there was once a flourishing Carthaginian township in the Site of Cordoba in 206 BC when it was captured by the Romans.

Cordoba is a place to go to relax and soak yourself into its History, and Arabic Bath & Massage.

Hammam Al Andalus Granada -Baños Arabes


After two weeks of traveling around Spain, and a Month of traveling the middle east and Europe for me – it was the perfect way to end a fabulous, life changing experience. I came back with a new perspective on life.

As Spain is well known for Leather, I well couldn’t have left Spain without some. Cordoba has the stores for them. As we walked into the store, the guy was making Leather – so you know for a fact it has to be genuine. 40 euros or in my case being tax free i got to pay in Canadians dollars; 60 Canadian dollars.

One thought on “UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Centre of Cordoba

  1. So back in the day when I went to Vegas I visited this mall that was totally decked out like that first photo you have. I definitely need to visit Cordoba.

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