Paradise Update

Well that settles that, one week vacation and I am back to work next week. Job is taking me as far north as Darwin in the Northern Territory. I always seem to do this, never miss a paycheck – do I know how to work it or do I know how to work it ;). Rydges Darwin Airport hotel & Resort, three months ago I sent my resume and skyped but that was too soon to guarantee me a job so when I got to Australia I contacted my hotel connections. Had to send a nice email declining my job at the Crowne Plaza, even though I don’t think I got the job because they said they would call me by Friday and its Friday and no phone call from them, the only hotel that called me was the outrigger which was once the Holiday Inn here on Surfers Paradise. But I already have a job in Darwin. It includes staff accommodation, so that will be an experience in itself, staying in staff accommodation. Oh I am so excited,  this will do wonders for my hospitality career.

The past week I hugged a Koala Bear at the Australian zoo, saw surfers paradise from sky point, went on the aqua duck in and around surfers paradise, sea world, movie world and partied with Plan B and Wicked Club Crawls meeting such nice guys and some cute ones too. 😉 I am learning how to surf tomorrow (Saturday, June 1) another item checked off on my bucket list – at this rate I am going to have the majority of my list checked off and will have to add new things to the list.

Might reinstate my transfer to the airport for Wednesday morning, I don’t know I was going to go Monday and take the bus and train and do some couchsurfing. Moved hostels tonight and this one is much better than the islanders backpackers resort/hotel. surf n sun is a hostel, more people hanging out and less likely to feel lonely because there are always people around.

Surfers Paradise, QLD ~ Day Four

My vacation might be cut short but hey at least I got a weeks vacation before I started heading onto job interviews, and I still have another paycheck coming from the Holiday Inn. Yeah I think I am a little workaholic and need to learn to relax and enjoy my vacations a little better but again how can I when I love what I do and I roll in the dough, feels good to have money coming in.

Opened my bank account here in Australia yesterday so now I am with three banks back in Canada and one here in Australia, talk about international world traveler. After the bank that’s when I went to the crowne plaza to follow up on my resume that I had sent two weeks ago and same day they called me for a interview on Tuesday. Yay staying with the IHG hotel family. I might be able to reinstate me working with IHG again on LinkedIn. After my Monday errands went to Sea World, watched the baby penguins get feed, watched the dolphin show and rode the monorail, watched the sharks, sea lions. It was pretty quiet and most of the rides there were closed thinking something to do with being May and the fact that it was a Monday.

I have finally updated my city on facebook as living in surfers paradise, QLD. I have made the transition.

weather today; Tuesday May 28 is cloudy with sun and rain breaks through out the day.

Been browsing gum tree for shared flats now that I have a interview and most likely land the job because I am just that valuable to any organization. I don’t want to sound cocky but I am. I love what I do.

Watched the sunrise this morning down at the beach where they were also building up the beach again as two weeks prior a big storm came through and wiped the beach clean and took it away into the ocean. Which they are going to rebuild the beach because that’s what makes the gold coast so popular, the beach. There is also so much construction happening right now, its like back home in Edmonton construction every where, because they are building the translink train. Thinking of heading on the surfside buses to broadbeach and tweed heads later this week along with the Australian zoo on Thursday.

Surfers Paradise Day 3

Bought the VIP pass for the three major theme parks in the are, Movie World, Sea World and Water world. Went to Movie world today and to be honest it is not that great – its like a smaller version of six flags but six flags is way better. But Movie world is Hollywood here on the Gold Coast so can’t expect too much, they only trying th foeir best to accommodate Hollywood here in Australia for those who cant afford to go to the real Hollywood. But one thing the Castrol Stunt driving is the coolest thing there. Superman rollercoaster is the same as Six flags along with their newest rollercoaster the green lantern.

Got back home around 6 o’clock and freshened up and then went out dinner at Fiddlers Irish Pub and had my new favorite beer or cider… Magners. Cheers to Lindsey and Mr. Malone. Then went back to the night club Vanity for a couple drinks and wow was I ever surprised that it was busy and on a sunday night. Called it an early night.

Going to go to the bank tomorrow to open up my account so for when I start working I can keep Australian dollars in Australian dollars.. Sent my resume to a few more hotels here, Hilton and Vibe Hotels here in Surfers Paradise. I would really love it if I could work in a hotel, as that is why I came out here so I can learn more about the fabulous industry and gain my skills and confidence.

Islanders Hotel & Resort is an interesting place of accommodation, they defiantly need someone to teach them proper customer service. Steve you should come manage this hotel and turn it up right. hehe. Wifi is not the greatest here, first have to pay $15 for the week and it has crappy connection in the room so I have been sitting in the lobby at night updating.

Loving it here so far though, not sure how I will be able to return home but I did learn if I want to extend my working holiday visa I do have to work on a farm for 3 months. Also learned that Americans can not get a working holiday visa which was interesting to hear.

11:40pm here so I am off to sleep,


Surfers Paradise Day 2

Went out pubcrawling last night with Plan B Party tours and met a lot of others who are also on a working holiday visa, was great mingling with others. Met some others from Canada and one of them I did not need to explain where Edmonton was because she was from Red Deer so she knew where Edmonton was. I was a VIP on the plan B tours because emma from global work and travel set it up, so there is a possible job I could do but could I really spend every night a clubs, I suppose I could manage just like I did with Night audit, adjust my body to it. so we will see.

Yesterday, went up to the sky point observation deck where you can see for miles of the gorgeous views of surfers and once you are up there they have navigation arrows to certain cities and how far they are, they had Vancouver so of course I had to take a photo with it to show how far away from Canada I am exactly. Then we went on the duck boat around the city and through the water, around sea world. So that was a lot of fun seeing the neighbourhood and where I might be living.

Still do not have a plan, my friend who came to meet me in surfers is leaving to go to Airlie beach on Friday so I might go with her or I just might go to Brisbane and see some more friends of mine. unless I get a job then I might stay around surfers a little longer. There are quite a few hotels here so I have got a lot to hand my resume to. a Hilton is here so I would love to work there, work with another large chain hotel. I am even okay with working with housekeeping, even though I prefer front desk but I suppose what ever it takes to enter a new chain of hotels.

setting up my bank account on Monday, and I already have a Australian phone number which I received the same day I arrived. So I am almost living like an aussie. and spending my days walking the street and beach taking it all in. No jetleg yet which I fabulous.

deciding on what to do today, either theme parks or broadbeach. Australian zoo will be Thursday and that is the place Steve Irwin lived and worked. the great Steve Irwin.


Surfers Paradise, QLD

My flight from San Francisco was delayed which had caused me to miss my connection in Sydney, with the time it takes to get through customs and through clearance there was no way I could make a 8am flight, after arriving in at 7am. So Quantas rebooked me on the next flight out to Brisbane.

Arrived into Brisbane: my BFF Tanya was waiting for beyond arrivals. Took Con X ion Transfer to Surfers Paradise. Literally just dropped off our bags and walked to the city bus to take to the other end of surfers paradise, where global work and travel co was to have my meeting. Where I filled out my tax form, got my mobile phone so now I have a Australian number, and going to go set up my Australian bank account tomorrow at the national Australian bank (NAB). After my meeting at Global Tanya and I walked down along the beach to our street, the street Islanders Hotel is located.

Heard a few days ago, surfers paradise got a nasty rain, wind storm which caused mother nature to take out half the beach back out to shore. too bad I would have been nice to see what is has looked like.

Tomorrow I have a interview with Plan B party tours, its going to be alright but I would really prefer a hotel reception job but to start me working and out there meeting people I guess its better than nothing. Will hopefully have another employment opportunity in Fraser Island – Emma said that they are really impressed with my resume, so that’s always a good sign.

Bought some food at the local grocery store along with some phone credit for my phone, starting to act like a local already and it has only been one day.

Well I am exhausted it has been a very long day and now that it is 8pm I can crash and sleep.


Edmonton to San Francisco

Seven hours ago I had left Edmonton, It was a little tough to leave because of all the wonderful people I have met and now I am starting over in a whole new country across the world. Scary thought when you think about it but also at the same time exciting. Just imagine how much of a person I will grow into, and how much life experience I will gain and not just life but work experience too, working abroad in Australia.

Fell asleep for the first hour, then I started getting inspiration so I grabbed my notebook and started writing Funny how the most inspirational times come when you are high above in the sky.

from high above the skies, floating among the clouds, the world below where there are endless possibilities. Finding those special people that help you grow and succeed, never let them go. Only look back for a brief second then stop. Then continue to look forward, the world below you with endless possibilities; with those special people that have helped you along the way to get you where you are today; Remember them always. But never look back, keep looking forward. The world below you, at your feet with all those endless possibilities.

united express is a small plane and a older plane because there was no movies, I know this next plane will have some because it is an airbus flying me to Sydney. An hour and a half left to go, the longest seven hour layover I have ever had and worst one. Where I ended up having a melt down. Don’t know why, something was just hurting so bad that the only way to get rid of it was to cry. I now feel better, not sure what happened, just had a moment, scary moment of me being ALL ALONE. and it just hurt me, thinking that I am ALL ALONE.