Edmonton to San Francisco

Seven hours ago I had left Edmonton, It was a little tough to leave because of all the wonderful people I have met and now I am starting over in a whole new country across the world. Scary thought when you think about it but also at the same time exciting. Just imagine how much of a person I will grow into, and how much life experience I will gain and not just life but work experience too, working abroad in Australia.

Fell asleep for the first hour, then I started getting inspiration so I grabbed my notebook and started writing Funny how the most inspirational times come when you are high above in the sky.

from high above the skies, floating among the clouds, the world below where there are endless possibilities. Finding those special people that help you grow and succeed, never let them go. Only look back for a brief second then stop. Then continue to look forward, the world below you with endless possibilities; with those special people that have helped you along the way to get you where you are today; Remember them always. But never look back, keep looking forward. The world below you, at your feet with all those endless possibilities.

united express is a small plane and a older plane because there was no movies, I know this next plane will have some because it is an airbus flying me to Sydney. An hour and a half left to go, the longest seven hour layover I have ever had and worst one. Where I ended up having a melt down. Don’t know why, something was just hurting so bad that the only way to get rid of it was to cry. I now feel better, not sure what happened, just had a moment, scary moment of me being ALL ALONE. and it just hurt me, thinking that I am ALL ALONE.