Surfers Paradise, QLD

My flight from San Francisco was delayed which had caused me to miss my connection in Sydney, with the time it takes to get through customs and through clearance there was no way I could make a 8am flight, after arriving in at 7am. So Quantas rebooked me on the next flight out to Brisbane.

Arrived into Brisbane: my BFF Tanya was waiting for beyond arrivals. Took Con X ion Transfer to Surfers Paradise. Literally just dropped off our bags and walked to the city bus to take to the other end of surfers paradise, where global work and travel co was to have my meeting. Where I filled out my tax form, got my mobile phone so now I have a Australian number, and going to go set up my Australian bank account tomorrow at the national Australian bank (NAB). After my meeting at Global Tanya and I walked down along the beach to our street, the street Islanders Hotel is located.

Heard a few days ago, surfers paradise got a nasty rain, wind storm which caused mother nature to take out half the beach back out to shore. too bad I would have been nice to see what is has looked like.

Tomorrow I have a interview with Plan B party tours, its going to be alright but I would really prefer a hotel reception job but to start me working and out there meeting people I guess its better than nothing. Will hopefully have another employment opportunity in Fraser Island – Emma said that they are really impressed with my resume, so that’s always a good sign.

Bought some food at the local grocery store along with some phone credit for my phone, starting to act like a local already and it has only been one day.

Well I am exhausted it has been a very long day and now that it is 8pm I can crash and sleep.