Surfers Paradise Day 3

Bought the VIP pass for the three major theme parks in the are, Movie World, Sea World and Water world. Went to Movie world today and to be honest it is not that great – its like a smaller version of six flags but six flags is way better. But Movie world is Hollywood here on the Gold Coast so can’t expect too much, they only trying th foeir best to accommodate Hollywood here in Australia for those who cant afford to go to the real Hollywood. But one thing the Castrol Stunt driving is the coolest thing there. Superman rollercoaster is the same as Six flags along with their newest rollercoaster the green lantern.

Got back home around 6 o’clock and freshened up and then went out dinner at Fiddlers Irish Pub and had my new favorite beer or cider… Magners. Cheers to Lindsey and Mr. Malone. Then went back to the night club Vanity for a couple drinks and wow was I ever surprised that it was busy and on a sunday night. Called it an early night.

Going to go to the bank tomorrow to open up my account so for when I start working I can keep Australian dollars in Australian dollars.. Sent my resume to a few more hotels here, Hilton and Vibe Hotels here in Surfers Paradise. I would really love it if I could work in a hotel, as that is why I came out here so I can learn more about the fabulous industry and gain my skills and confidence.

Islanders Hotel & Resort is an interesting place of accommodation, they defiantly need someone to teach them proper customer service. Steve you should come manage this hotel and turn it up right. hehe. Wifi is not the greatest here, first have to pay $15 for the week and it has crappy connection in the room so I have been sitting in the lobby at night updating.

Loving it here so far though, not sure how I will be able to return home but I did learn if I want to extend my working holiday visa I do have to work on a farm for 3 months. Also learned that Americans can not get a working holiday visa which was interesting to hear.

11:40pm here so I am off to sleep,