Surfers Paradise, QLD ~ Day Four

My vacation might be cut short but hey at least I got a weeks vacation before I started heading onto job interviews, and I still have another paycheck coming from the Holiday Inn. Yeah I think I am a little workaholic and need to learn to relax and enjoy my vacations a little better but again how can I when I love what I do and I roll in the dough, feels good to have money coming in.

Opened my bank account here in Australia yesterday so now I am with three banks back in Canada and one here in Australia, talk about international world traveler. After the bank that’s when I went to the crowne plaza to follow up on my resume that I had sent two weeks ago and same day they called me for a interview on Tuesday. Yay staying with the IHG hotel family. I might be able to reinstate me working with IHG again on LinkedIn. After my Monday errands went to Sea World, watched the baby penguins get feed, watched the dolphin show and rode the monorail, watched the sharks, sea lions. It was pretty quiet and most of the rides there were closed thinking something to do with being May and the fact that it was a Monday.

I have finally updated my city on facebook as living in surfers paradise, QLD. I have made the transition.

weather today; Tuesday May 28 is cloudy with sun and rain breaks through out the day.

Been browsing gum tree for shared flats now that I have a interview and most likely land the job because I am just that valuable to any organization. I don’t want to sound cocky but I am. I love what I do.

Watched the sunrise this morning down at the beach where they were also building up the beach again as two weeks prior a big storm came through and wiped the beach clean and took it away into the ocean. Which they are going to rebuild the beach because that’s what makes the gold coast so popular, the beach. There is also so much construction happening right now, its like back home in Edmonton construction every where, because they are building the translink train. Thinking of heading on the surfside buses to broadbeach and tweed heads later this week along with the Australian zoo on Thursday.