Surfs Up

I am so sore you would not believe how sore, my legs and arms hurt – I do not think I will be able to move tomorrow but oh my god I had so much fun surfing the past two days, scotty Edwards with TranzSurf – Eat, drink, and Sleep the Aussie lifestyle with TranzSurf. Do not worry if you do not have a ride, they come pick you up from your accommodation; Surfers paradise to tweed heads, all equipment included. $60 for half day with 1 2-hr surfing lesson, or $160 for Full day with 2 2-hr surfing lessons with a barbie (BBQ) after your lesson. Stay the night and wake up to kangaroos, whales and to a Aussie Breaky.

The first day was much better and I was surfing great but the second day, not so great, a bit frustrating actually but I did not give up I kept getting out there and trying. Hope to make way to surf with scotty before I leave Australia. Probably will head back through the east coast and stop for a surf on my way to Sydney. But I will not make one standing plan because so far all my plans have been changing.

I try and make plans to go somewhere but they always end up changing, as if I am going with the flow – but it turns out to be for the best because I got to live the aussie lifestyle for the past two days with Scotty Edwards who taught me how to surf. Cheers Mate! I will be spreading the word….

Bucket list item #34 has been checked off the list.