Darwin, NT Australia

First few days was rough going, not knowing anyone in town and having no vehicle and overall adjusting to life in Darwin. Just because the Rydges hotel and resort is such excluded from town and its a good 40 minute walk to the grocery store and bus stop. So I just find myself sitting by the pool on my laptop using the wifi after work. I now rented a car for a week so I could drive around and see the local neighbourhood. It is sure tough traveling solo but it really makes you grow strong. So far I am liking the hotel and resort, mainly going to be working in the Resort side. Something to keep me busy and my mind from wandering too much. Trying to make a plan, and recently learned that I can go visit Arlene when she flys home for Christmas because its rather cheap from Darwin so that would be awesome if I could, before heading off to Bangkok, Thailand. The Holiday Inn Melbourne front office manager is going to give me a call so I might have a job in Melbourne after the dry season in Darwin. The Dry season is June-August when its not TOO hot and not so “Cold” but mainly not TOO hot. The Summer begins around September/October so I should plan on leaving by then or else I would Die in the heat.
So far driving on the left hand side is a piece of cake, it is not hard at all. I did catch myself one time that I was thinking shit am I on the right side of the road which I was no worries but It had just entered into my mind for some funny reason. People sure love their tennis here so maybe I should try and find a league to join. Finding a car for sale or a scooter so I do not have to rent, I would prefer a scooter but whatever works. My dad has been going on gumtree and looking for me, so I still have my mechanic at hand. Missing you, my Holiday Inn Family/Co Workers. Thinking of you daily. Not quite in staff accommodation yet because have to wait till some people move out so I am just in a room on the resort side. Only thing tough working at Reception is the language barrier, I have to think on how to say things so people do not look at me twice with a funny look on their face. Like for example, do not say last name – you have to say surname. a truck is not a truck, its a ute. trying to met people through couchsurfing but also trying to stay safe, do not want to meet the wrong people but generally the people are all nice but never can tell so that’s why I am keeping it safe.