Canada Day in Darwin, NT Australia

it is that time of year again, CANADA DAY! This “long” weekend I will be wearing my hair bandana at work in honor of Canada Day. Funny how when you are miles away from home you appreciate your home country that much more. I remember when I was In Canada, I kept saying I can’t wait to be gone from the country but now that I am so many miles away in Australia, you just appreciate your home country a little bit more. It is hard to explain but its one of those worldly culture, life changing experiences.

Paid my first months rent today at the Rydges Resort and yet I am still not in staff accommodation but apparently I heard soon, because some taxi drivers are moving out of staff accommodations, so that will be nice not sleeping in the resort room and will have my getaway from the place, even though it is still on the same property. But its something so I can not complain to much. Rent is 185/weekly but I just pay monthly because that is what I am used to budgeting for. So that means we get paid weekly, so every Wednesday is payday. I have to tell myself okay only three months here, that seems to help with being so excluded from town. But I did buy a bicycle today so I now have wheels – and hopefully I will lose some of my fatness and when I return back to Canada I will have a flatter tummy.

It’s not just CANADA DAY, Its Territory Day here in Darwin, NT Australia – but I am celebrating the fact that it is Canada day. I do wear my Canada thongs every day when I am not working. PROUD TO BE CANADIAN.

Will probably and most likely head down to the sailing club on Monday and see about going for a sail with Gaeton, Emma or Giovanni. My new sailing buddies here in Darwin. But again the Sailing Club is my new sanctuary. How many Albertans can say that they have been sailing in the winter, I will tell you – not many!

I have crossed off surfing, windsurfing and vegemite off my bucketlist so far, oh and of course working and living in Australia. Of course I am not done, so stay tuned to see what else I will cross off my list. This Canadian LOVES vegemite!