Australia Two Months

Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians back home, hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and enjoyed your time with friends and family at the lake or whatever you had planned being a sunny beautiful weekend. I represented Canada as much as I could over here in Australia, wearing the maple leaf as often as I can.

It has been two months being in Australia, it has been a rough road – as no one has said that life is easy, all you got to do is take it head on and embrace the experience. It helps being working, making some cash while my experience here in Australia – as I am having troubles with my visa card and getting sent a new one for security issues. Never had something like this go through but again it is all in the experience. At least I have hidden savings but not using it unless I absolute need it. I am trying not to stress because I am still making money weekly. And Rent is going up to $195/weekly from $185/weekly but that is alright because I wont have that much paying it as I only have four months left here, six month work contract.

Moved out of the resort today and into Staff housing, feels nice not being in the resort rooms and now located in the far right of the property some what far away from reception but not to far for a quick commute but still far away to feel that you are far from work. Just chilling, relaxing for the day and organizing my belongings into my accommodation. I have some pictures I want to print off and hang up on the walls, and have my farewell card from fortis properties out on display. Miss those guys! Hope to work with them once again upon my return to Canada.

Bought a new camera yesterday as my old one went flat due to capsizing and getting too wet when sailing. So now I have a waterproof camera. found out it is only a 15 minute bike ride to casuarina shopping centre. Getting my directions around Darwin – I have my path to the Darwin sailing club and now have my path to the shopping centre. It has been nice not seeing a Wal-Mart every five minutes, and they still have Kmart here which is awesome, have not seen a Kmart in ages. They do have another store called Big W so I think that is suppose to be a Wal-Mart version. So I try and go to Kmart and not Big W. Nice when shopping, if its 5.00$ then it is actually 5 dollars, as tax I already included into the price. So it is easier to find and pay for exact change.