Australian Weekly Update

The older one gets the harder it becomes to finding people to hang out with and to continue that hang out, One tip is to find one good same sex friend that you can hang out with, where ever you end up living that way you always have someone where you are. To the international ladies: Aussie blokes, be careful they may seem cute and easy going conversationalist but they are only after one thing and then if they do not like what they see they give a lousy excuse saying you are a sweet girl but we have nothing in common. Well news to those Aussie Blokes it takes more than a day to build on those uncommon differences, that’s how friendships are formed, on differences. But whatever life moves on.

Holiday Inn Cairns contacted me back from my Duty Manager application and have a Skype interview this Wednesday and I do have IHG customer service and understand what the hotel needs for a perfect Heartbeat. I want to work with what I know and grow my career from there as I am not getting any younger; 8 days I am turning 26. ah! 26! I do like working here at the Rydges Darwin but Holiday Inn is where my experience is and it is where I can excel at. IHG allows you to be you, based on real people! There are just so many cliques here at the Rydges, it is like I am back in Highschool, a little depressing – and Couchsurfing is not as huge here in Darwin, not many people so it has been touch meeting people outside of work.

Laundry day today, that is the thing with only traveling backpacking style, fewer clothes more times you have to do laundry. Still waiting for my birthday box from the folks as I asked them to put some Lays Ketchup chips. been craving some Lays chips. Grocery shopping here, majority of the food is Australian made – now that’s one of many things why things are so expensive here and why the Australian economy is doing better than most.

Got some pictures developed and hung them on the wall to make my room a feel a little bit more homey! it has done the job. Got a picture of my Holiday Inn Duo, another of my Canadian Duo that I met in Surfers Paradise and some other photos.

Heading out to the Deckchair Cinema to watch the movie Drift under the stars with Chloe, a fellow couchsurfer. A outdoor movie theatre, have not been to one well never. Then another couchsurfing meet up at Monsoons on Wednesday. Going to take the hotel shuttle into the city at 5pm so that will limit the amount of money I have to spend on a taxi back home, I could bike ride into town but then biking home would be a lot of work and would be a little far in the dark riding home. taxi fare is reasonable here in Darwin, approximately $25 from Resort to City and vice versa.