weekly update – Australia

Went to Crocodylus Park on sunday with Luke a fellow couchsurfer, it was fun – held a baby crocodile, fed a HUGE crocodile, held a snake, saw monkeys, baboons, lions, tigers, kangaroos, emos, ostrich and many more animals. For lunch I had a crocodile burger which tastes like chicken. There was a couchsurfing bbq last Friday but I couldn’t have attended due to work but next Friday for sure. And there is a AFL game on Saturday where my operations manager is getting free tickets so I want to take some of my mates to the game, and watch some aussie footy. Not sure what to do for my birthday on Thursday – maybe go pamper myself with a manicure or pedicure, defiantly a pedicure.

Had an Skype/Google Interview with the Holiday Inn Cairns last week, I felt it went really well and yesterday they asked for a copy of my passport so cross your fingers I get that job then I can move. Darwin is alright but defiantly do not want to stay here forever. Maybe just 3 months, not liking the cliques here – and I do not want to work in a place that feels like highschool, that is so in the past. I want what I had back home at the holiday Inn, professional atmosphere. But I am learning lots more about customer service in Australia or maybe its just Rydges, I am not sure. I need to work in one more hotel to judge fairly on customer service in Australia.

I am hoping to have a BBQ in nightcliff with a few couchsurfing friends so we will see if that happens and that plan goes through.

Been working the evening shift, 3 pm to 11 pm so have not been able to do much but relax and have a few drinks on neightbours deck after work.