Weeks Update – Australia

What a hectic past two days it has been at work, so busy. Today I swear all I did was chase up chargebacks (credit card authorizations) I just do not feel it, not like how I felt back home in Canada at the Holiday Inn. And Now the Holiday Inn is calling my name again, Holiday Inn Cairns is calling me. I want to take it, but I want to talk to Michael (front office manager) before I call Faith back and say I will take it. I need to be professional about this. This is what I want. I don’t know if it is my heart or my head telling me to go for it but it defiantly feels right. A year is defiantly not long enough, I just might have to extend it but then that means three months on a farm, but hey its character building. Cairns is a lot cheaper than Darwin.

This past week has gone by quick, On Saturday I went to my very first AFL game “Aussie Footy” Melbourne v Brisbane Lions. Awesome seats they were too, thanks to Rydges. Took some couchsurfing friends to the game, free tickets why not. Had a couple beers at the resort by poolside before heading to the stadium.

Went to hungry jacks inside the terminal at the airport for dinner, now that felt a little weird walking through security and then walking right back out. Normally you can not get through security without a boarding pass but not here in Australia. But then it is good because there is not much places to eat or do around the Resort, so good to have a place to eat for a quick meal near by.

Been browsing the flights to Cairns tonight and given my two weeks from the current roster, and with finding cheap flights to fly to Cairns – September 4th $189.50 one way. So that will give me exactly three months here at Rydges. I could defiantly last longer but Holiday Inn is calling my name again. It is a calling I have to listen to – it is what I know, and have grown with. It is my career and Holiday Inn IHG can give me what I need.