Weeks Update – Australia

What a hectic past two days it has been at work, so busy. Today I swear all I did was chase up chargebacks (credit card authorizations) I just do not feel it, not like how I felt back home in Canada at the Holiday Inn. And Now the Holiday Inn is calling my name again, Holiday Inn Cairns is calling me. I want to take it, but I want to talk to Michael (front office manager) before I call Faith back and say I will take it. I need to be professional about this. This is what I want. I don’t know if it is my heart or my head telling me to go for it but it defiantly feels right. A year is defiantly not long enough, I just might have to extend it but then that means three months on a farm, but hey its character building. Cairns is a lot cheaper than Darwin.

This past week has gone by quick, On Saturday I went to my very first AFL game “Aussie Footy” Melbourne v Brisbane Lions. Awesome seats they were too, thanks to Rydges. Took some couchsurfing friends to the game, free tickets why not. Had a couple beers at the resort by poolside before heading to the stadium.

Went to hungry jacks inside the terminal at the airport for dinner, now that felt a little weird walking through security and then walking right back out. Normally you can not get through security without a boarding pass but not here in Australia. But then it is good because there is not much places to eat or do around the Resort, so good to have a place to eat for a quick meal near by.

Been browsing the flights to Cairns tonight and given my two weeks from the current roster, and with finding cheap flights to fly to Cairns – September 4th $189.50 one way. So that will give me exactly three months here at Rydges. I could defiantly last longer but Holiday Inn is calling my name again. It is a calling I have to listen to – it is what I know, and have grown with. It is my career and Holiday Inn IHG can give me what I need.

One thought on “Weeks Update – Australia

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Kate! Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Good for you. Looking forward to your next post as it allows me to live vicariously through YOUR experiences!

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