Swapping Countries

A life changing experience swapping countries and how you organize your trip is up to you, although there are a couple “companies” that say they will help you and organize your working holiday for you so you do not have to worry. Well ladies and gentlemen I am here to help you out so you can maximize your full opportunity and get the most out of swapping countries for a year. My first point of advice is do not bother with those companies. Unfortunately I learned the hard way but hey you do not learn without making mistakes, that is the way we roll and gain perspective on ourselves and the world around us.

I am currently in Australia, from Canada. Swapping countries has been and is the best experience in my own personal growth while gaining more hospitality experience for my future career. Two in one deal, doing what I love. Although the only thing I would do differently is not paying Global Work And Travel Company to help me make the move from Canada to Australia. I got my own Visa, Got my own job(s) during my one year here in the land of down under. They “help” you with your resume but I do not like the style they use and it got me no where so I revamped it and used my own. They got me interviews but not a single job, Anyone can get an interview but its the passion within yourself is what lands you the job.

I started my own job hunt with the help of LinkedIn, the greatest tool there is. Found all the Hotel Managers and Front Office Managers at every hotel I liked to work for while in Australia, all over and sent my CV to them. Had a couple Skype interviews while I was still at home in Canada and when I arrived into Australia I followed up and viola landed my first job within two weeks of being in Australia. Although the job took me far north as Darwin, Northern Territory. I wouldn’t have chosen Darwin if it hadn’t chosen me, it is not my ideal place to live but it has been wonderful weather while the rest of the country was cold this winter.

In a month’s time I am off to another city on the east coast where I found my somewhat dream job, not really dream job but my dream hotel brand. Holiday Inn Cairns, Holiday Inn called my name again and I was ecstatic to accept.

I am quite business savy, individual so maybe that is why Global work and travel company couldn’t do anything for me. But even if you are not my the same style you can still do it yourself, just do not be afraid and just grab the bull by its balls and go for it. And if you need help with setting up your resume, send me an email and I would be more than willing to lend my expertise. last time I fixed a resume for a co worker, she landed a job she wanted within a week.so therefore I promise you that if I help you with your resume, you will get employers calling you demanding an interview. Now I can not say I promise you to get the job because in the end picture that is up to you and your passion within the interview, everyone is unique and gives a different aspect to an interview. But I can promise you employers will be contacting you with my help on your resume.  

I have saved up heaps within a year to get me to Australia, I had my Visa in September 2012 and I had to use it before the same month next year. I did not plan on getting my plane tickets so fast because I had just returned home from Egypt and Spain, but that’s the thing if you do not go for it without thinking It probably will not happen because you then think about it too much and nothing never happens, that is why it is best to just do!

Sometimes I forget where I am because I have adjusted well to the Australian lifestyle, but I have learned a few things about these oddly amazing Australians. Some good and some bad but we got to take in the good and bad to make great things happen. First, Australians talk quiet and so fast. And I have found if you ask pardon, some of them get quite rude because you are asking them to repeat, to confirm that you heard correctly. And the pronunciation of letters and words gets jumbled and causes a miss communication and without being understanding they just get angry because we did not understand them correctly the first time around. Whoever said Canadians and Australians are alike, were wrong. I find being Canadian, I say sorry and thank you a lot, more than I should sometimes but that is just a Canadian way? isn’t it?   I don’t know overall at the end of the day Australian’s are still cool people to hang out with, and just like anyone nationality it can be frustrating at times but we cope and take each day by day.